“Emotional Regurgitations” Acrylic on canvas Series by Francesco Paolicchi

Francesco Paolicchi

francesco paolicchi

Francesco Paolicchi’s series of eight acrylic on canvas and acrylic on paper paintingsEmotional Regurgitations,
bare a sense of heavy anguish and are full of inner conflict in his scenes of androgynous figures haunted by dripping demons baring sharp teeth and glowing orbs that approach from behind.

The figures carry a sense of burden with forlorn faces, although, indistinct with gaping mouths and ghoulish eyes. Clearly influenced by the occult and gothic art, Francesco creates eerie depictions with sometimes sinister religious undertones and symbolism that creates unease in the viewer. Using acrylic on paper and acrylic on canvas , these foggy and nightmarish scenes are achieved using blurred lines and the atmospheric blending of backgrounds. Colour is dripped from the haunting demons and orbs onto the bodies of the figures pulling them downwards. Limbs are often disproportionately long and unfinished as they drag to the bottom of the painting.

acrylic on canvas emotional regurgitations studio 2

Francesco leads the viewer into multitude modes of psychological discomfort through his own introspective pictorial journey into dark art. He does not seek originality at any cost, but he tries to satisfy his need to trace his own spiritual map.  A map which is made out of huge mixing-ups, of carnal, sensorial and cerebral instincts, of emotions which his life-path is made up of and that developed themselves through time. His rational part identified, deeply examined and decoded these emotions in the subconscious to let them take on an importance which happens at various levels and in a language ascribable to that of urban writers.

acrylic on canvas emotional regurgitations studio

The nails and punches that can be seen stuck into his figures’ flesh suggest an urge which is pleasure and suffering at the same time, paradox and mystery of our life. That spur that makes us understand that art, meant as expressiveness, is a fact which originates from the most hidden depths of our souls. The artistic gesture as a means to achieve our vital need of stability and harmony that is certainly present in nature and in human being, but which is often odd and illogic.

The mainly pale and clashing chromatisms without rhetoric make us understand that his journey and his search are turning towards peace, serenity and the fearless acceptance of the most contorted and aberrant areas of human being.

Francesco Paolicchi is an artist who may arouse curiosity or repulsion but still strong and pure emotions, since art doesn’t mean beauty. In comparison with it the classic scenic artworks are like a door closed to the mysteries of the subconscious. A respectable veil to cover the uncool our souls contain.