Amazing Designers 2018


At Fumogallery we scoured the web to bring you Amazing Designers 2018.

It’s a selection of skilled artisans and creative talents whose beautiful works show real passion and dedication. They firmly believe in a better future and they are committed to sustainable works, away from mass production. If you value pieces which have been conceived and created to be unique, Amazing Designers 2018 is definitely for you.


Regis Duarte


Régis Duarte


One of Régis Duarte’s recent interest it is making collaborations with artists he admires.

A recent colourful one was with major brazilian painter Britto Velho. Duarte had all the freedom to take some figures from the paintings to his fashion proposal. Well known inthe south of Brasil for his loose long unique dresses, most of them with the use of handmade embroideries. For Britto’s collection the designer chose the more powerful iconic images such as eyes, hands, birds and faces.

The entire collection of dresses is with one of a kind pieces only, and the t-shirts have a limited edition.

Régis Duarte lives in Porto Alegre (Brazil)


Cotton Earrings Caesia Blu Abel Artistic




Laura, contemporary jewellery designer, born in 1985, Modena (Italy).

Thanks to her studies at the School of fine Arts in Bologna, where she finished her degree in Product Design in 2014, Laura refined her love for design and DIY, in which she had already expressed interest for  many years. Thus, next to her job as product designer for many notable companies, for whom she designs jewelry and tableware collections, she puts her own personal project: Abel, her independent craft-design brand by which she realizes DIY accessories, mainly handmade contemporary jewellery and ceramic tableware.

Credit Photo Lola Bergamini


Sterthous Duffel Bags




STERTHOUS is a new line of everyday carry accessories designed and hand-crafted in small batches by Kevin O’Donnell in his Brooklyn, New York studio. The collection of bags and backpacks are designed to go from the workweek to the weekend away and built to be a constant companion in your daily journeys.

The advanced materials that make up all STERTHOUS products are carefully selected for their unique style as well as their durable and sustainable attributes. Recycled materials and vegan microleather feature prominently in the line of bags to create products with high style and low environmental impact.

STERTHOUS is also a family name which originally translates to “the house at the end of the road”. The products that STERTHOUS makes are built for the road – both the local and far flung paths that we travel everyday – wherever your road may lead.


Skateboard Atypical Fallen Collection Blue




Atypical is an independent brand born in 2012, specialized in fine handmade cruiser. Unique pieces inspired by the 60’s and 70’s boards that build a bridge to the surf scene of that period. The highly recognizable decks are handcrafted in Italy using solid wood coming from the best selection of ash trees.

Away from mass production, Atypical goes back to basics and works with dedication, putting sweat, passion and hard work, dealing with each stage of the production process in first person. Atypical combines contemporary design and craftsmanship, attention to materials and production, with the goal of approaching not only skaters, already part of this reality, but also all those who are about to get into it involving them not only with cruisers but apparel as well.


Isabella Bersellini


Isabella Bersellini


Isabella Bersellini is an Italian illustrator from Parma. She graduated in Comic Art and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. She has worked with Lipu, Intelinguae and many other companies and collaborates with Jamais Vu Cultural Association and other small presses, such as LokZine and Nurant.


T-shirt Patchwork Afutumix




Raphael Adjetey Adjei Mayne, RAAM as he is known professionally, is an artist whose mediums span from the stretched linen of a canvas and the cotton of a T-shirt to the pixels of a screen and the sound waves of his favorite place.

RAAM  combines traditional influences of his native Ghana with the modern aesthetic of his cosmopolitan life in Germany. His paintings capture the essence of a moment in simple detail evoking peaceful reflection and in colorful movements filled with positive energy. For the AFUTUMIX line, RAAM builds on his craftsmanship as a selftaught fashion designer with over a decade of experience to create completely unique garments from a MIXED and MATCHED patchwork of materials, including his own paintings.

For RAAM the clothes that he creates are not only items to be worn, rather each piece is a one -of-a-kind work of art to be cherished. With his never ending commitment to creativity, it is always a surprise to see what he will make next.

Courtesy Photo J Ganyobi Odamtten


Upcycled Sunglasses Getuptitude Baizz 570




Uptitude’s core idea is giving a new life to a discard material.

We upcycle old snowboards turning  them into sunglasses assembled with high quality components.

Every eyewear is unique and contains the history of the snowboard it comes from.


Tobing Dewi Obie





Tobing, Dewi Purnamasari  born in Indonesia in 1993 has been working in different fields in art and design industry.

Using mostly ink and watercolors as my medium for expression with solid monochrome colors and abstract shading.

She got the drawing inspiration from her daily life with unique chartacters long necks, small eyes, and disproportionate body.

Obie is the label she founded in 2015. She is enjoying for making her drawings that can be applied in various media and then sell it.


Ceramic Artist Roberto Cambi


Roberto Cambi


Sculptor, painter and studio glassmaker, he started exhibiting his work at the end of the 1970s while still studying at the Ballardini Art Institute in Faenza. He attended the Fine Art Academy in Bologna.

He taught different workshops at the Department of Ceramic Art at Seoul National University of Technology in South Korea. Award in Excellency at the Mopko International Ceramic Competition in South Korea in 2000. His installation ‘It’s Only a Matter of Time’ received the Open Award award at the Arte Laguna Prize in Venice in 2014.

Showing a restless streak and a penchant for pop and playful creations, he often creates his works as part of a wider project or site specific installation.