Anna Volpi


For Anna, the body represents an infinite playground where one can find all aspects of life: sadness, pride, loss, happiness, surprise, passion, discovery and sexuality to name a few. Her photography has a distinctive aesthetic of brightly lit subjects where she favors zooming into body parts to highlight and obscure. Fully aware of her womanhood, Anna is conscious of her existence in this world as a female figure and creative. On the other hand, she does not consider herself a feminist nor an activist, just a woman who has a holistic view of things, including the female world. Anna is inspired by both the female and male body, sensuality, connectedness between individuals, colour, materials, interesting locations and randomness. In her work, one will find the capturing of both playful and serious moments, the conventional vs. the bizarre and an encompassing curiosity to find what lies beyond the lens. In Anna’s own words: “I don’t think my projects have a beginning or an end. They are all one. Every works is part of a whole. My works are connected to those of others before and after me”.