Blume Labo


Blume Labo speaks little about himself. His true self is felt and captured by his audience in his artistic productions. One can expect a series of meticulously hand assembled and original metal works consisting of salvaged parts and materials. As new life is given to these salvaged materials, in the form of art lamp and collectable object for display, a transformation is realized: the functionalizing of static items into contemporary forms that are both idiosyncratic yet innovative. Blume Labo’s weapons of choice are odd and eccentric in the quirkiest sense. From industrial screws and valves, peculiar accessories and even gasmasks glow in their new contexts as they are transformed into industrial style lighting and collectable objects. In every piece created by Blume Labo, oxymoronic paradoxes emerge organically and intentionally. A constant tension is highlighted: the evocative is inspired by industrial gloom, the clinical becomes contemporary/aesthetically pleasing and beauty is found in the unnatural with machine made objects.