Independent brand

Braasi Industry is the indipendent Czech brand born from an idea of two young and creative Czech architects who decided to design and produce the beautiful, stylish and resistant backpacks you may find under our "Backpacks" category. All Braasi backpacks are handmade with love and care in a small workshop in Prague and are designed as modern backpacks and cool laptop bags. Each bag is special. Only high quality fabrics, webbings and other material made in Czech Republic (EU) are used. All backpacks are water-resistant and are designed for everyday use in the urban jungle. Each Brasi backpack can be largely used as perfect waterproof cycling rucksack but also as an extremely stylish and hype backpack on and off the bike. Thanks to its durability and high quality of used materials, a Braasi backpack can easily become the IT bag for the perfect nomad digital.