Federica Poletti


Federica Poletti is a very prolific artist, whose original oil paintings skillfully combine symbolism with figurative art. Federica Poletti  was born November 1980 in Modena, Italy where she currently works and resides. In 2005, Federica received a degree in Visual Arts from the Academy of Fine Art in Bologna and has since shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions at private galleries and public events. Federica uses the figurative art  as a form of symbolic and conceptual communication as she explains: “My approach to painting has been a necessity since the beginning. Since from the dawning of my work, the only expression I allowed to myself has been the visual/figurative one. A subconscious path to reveal my nature through my imagination.” The motivation of Federica, as an artist, is driven by continuous self-development and her innate curiosity of the unconscious and personal space. Each of Federica's works is recognized as the final stage of an initial concept and is ultimately expressed and actualized using her own pictorial language. Federica's personal web-site: http://federicapoletti.com/