Francesco Paolicchi


Francesco Paolicchi was born in Viareggio in 1980 and currently lives and work in Camaiore. Heavily influenced by rock music since preadolescence, his youth consisted of David Bowie, Joy Division, Marilyn Manson and Lydia Lunch. With a fascination with the occult and surreal, Paolicchi finds common ground with Kenneth Anger’s avant-garde cinematography, Roland Topor’s animation movies, David Lynch’s surreal and experimental short films and John Waters’ grotesque dark comedies. With these cross-medium influences, Paolicchi started his painting career in 2009. In the beginning, his style encompassed fluorescent colours and fluid strokes with recognisable beings such as: Cyclops, aliens, astrological symbols and robots bringing Paolicchi closer to his own surrealist vision. Since 2013, Paolicchi’s style has morphed and is heavily influence by the occult and dark art; more human figures emerge in his paintings but are entranced in gothic scenes. Slender and contorted bodies are often depicted in watercolour but often left with unfinished limbs creating a sense of inner psychological discomfort in the viewer drawing similarities to the works of EgonSchiele and Marilyn Manson.