Lauro Melotti

Bags designer

The widely experienced Italian bag designer Lauro Melotti designs and produces beautiful handmade leather bags that are one-of-a-kind and lifelong pieces.

Lauro Melotti has two great passions: craftsmanship and aesthetics. Born in an Italian mountain village in 1953, Lauro realised early on that his instincts and way of thinking were leading him towards a path less travelled. He slalomed down his chosen path to veer away from the conventional: home, church, school and clichés. Ironically, in Lauro’s reality, it took him three decades to finally learn how to freestyle ski. Lauro took his time to develop and contemplate the level of depth and complexity his projects are able to achieve. After years of ruminating and dreaming of his own creations, he has fine-tuned his craft by creating striking yet understated objects where technique and beauty meld together.

F O R M E is the name that encompasses all Lauro’s work to reflect the notion: symbols are the essence of the world around us while forms are the primordial element of implementing reality. Although there were many conventional pathways to choose from, Lauro intrinsically chose to devote himself entirely to the world of design and sculpture. Lauro designs and creates leather bags that are neither fashionable nor contemporary. Both in nature and the collective imagination he finds and draws universal forms – symbols that last. The finest quality hides are used to create Lauro’s leather bags to insure they, too, stand the test of time.

Lauro lives and works in Mantua (Italy).