Lelio Pederiva


Lelio Pederiva, the only mural artist of our online gallery, was born in Mantua and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy.

Lelio Pederiva’s art resembles pop art and mural art in his large use of graphic lines and vivid colours. Indeed, as many famous pop artists and grafitti writers, throughout his artistic career Lelio has painted private houses’ walls for commissions, created graphic covers for books and music albums.

Lelio’s artistic style is heavily influenced by: the theory of perception, the heightening of senses and stimuli and the reconceptualising and fusing of Keith Harings and Picasso’s “colourful” vision of the world. The spirited prints of Lelio Pederiva are conceived as single compositions; however, they can also be viewed with varying dimensions such as a mosaic of individual faces or observed in its entirety. Many of Lelio’s prints depict full and fragmented faces with an emphasis on eyes in which each set is unique in shape and detailing from the other. Such graphic forms are conceived as signs that Lelio gives shape to through his mosaics of faces and in turn becomes a form of an illustrative language that is able to tell stories and ultimately move and amaze audiences.