Max Boschini


Max Boschini is a a great innovative and versatile artist, whose strong brilliant and provocative approach makes him an unique (and certainly unconsciuos) representative of experimental photography.

Massimiliano Boschini was born in Mantua, Italy, in the mid-seventies.

His biography is made up of “nots”: he does NOT like to call himself a photographer or an artist. Do NOT label him as a creative talent: it makes him lose inspiration. The reality of daily life is NOT his thing: he prefers to hide in the realms of fantasy, philosophy and poetry. Massimiliano is a trickster, in the noblest sense of the word, habitually confusing the issue, mixing up pixels, colours and words. When he draws on the past for techniques or tools, he is NOT vintage or over-sentimental, but contemporary and cutting-edge.

In recent years, he has been welcomed all over the world, at festivals, biennials and triennials, but never in Italy, where he has always had to pay the price for an artistic and visionary sensitivity that is often discordant with the times. Nevertheless, he has NOT adapted to the situation, remaining true to himself. And in the strangest and farthest corners of his land, he continues to find voices and faces that speak the same strange, alien language, steeped in poetry.

His latest black and white photography project is called “Punk” , an amazing example of experimental photography that he purposely realized for Fumogallery.

Max lives and works in Mantua (Italy)  and collaborates with Fumogallery .

His personal web-site: