Bike builder

Melo can be described as our anarchist bike builder but he is far bigger than any label one might try to apply to him: musician, singer, photographer, painter, body art performer, anarchist, craftsman. He chose to have no limits nor barriers: passions and expertise have blended to form him as an eclectic, versatile artist, capable of expression through a wide range of mediums. His experiences have been forged by frequenting social centres around the world for many years, being them catalysts for energy of all types and training halls for honing wide-ranging skills.

Among rehearsal rooms, screen printing machines and darkrooms, Melo discovers the world of cycle labs: craft workshops for repair and customization, where the bicycle becomes art, such as in his stunning project provocatively named Fuck Oil. As symbol of environmental safeguard and waste reduction, the bicycle is a true innovation element, but it can also be a mean to enhance creativity, handicraft and manual skills.

The common thread running through Melo’s works is anarchism meant as the unbridled expression of individuality, free of all social conditioning and a provocative bearer of messages aimed at shaking up consciousness.

Melo is also available to build your tailored dream art bicycle and lives and works in Quistello (Mantua – Italy).