Pedro Mainman


Pedro Mainman is a painter and a musician from Barcelona, (Spain) as well as a video artist and sculptor. He studied at Eina, Industrial School of Barcelona, and postgraduated in Body and Art at Alas, Barcelona, Barcelona Academy of Art.

He has been painting intermittently since the mid 90´s, combining it with music, his other profession and passion as well as creating videoclips and video art pieces.

In 2011 / 2012 he directed a collection of 15 videoclips for the last music album he is ever going to do.

During the last years he has decided to give painting the absolute prominence in his creative life and is exposing increasingly in different galleries and art centers since then.

He is also a therapist who works with the immense capacity that creativity has got to help improving people’s lives.

“Galerie patetique” is his last series of paintings from year 2018. Learn more on this versatile artist by reading this interview.