Rano Pano

Urbex Photographer

Rano Pano is a young musician and self-taught photographer who lives in Rouen (France), who can be considered a young and extremely peculiar representative of urbex photography. In fact, during last five years, his passion for travels, art and history in general has brought him to explore abandoned places around the world, driven by his strong desire to understand what is around him.

His first picture of an abandoned place was the one he took at a Paris underground station stop and there he understood that he wanted to become a “photographer/archaelogist of abandoned places”.

Moreover, after years in a music band, music has become the natural soundtrack of his spectacular photographies of abandoned places, who have the power to bring your imagination as far back as to live there as if you were in the past while helping to think about our human condition. One of his peculiar treat as a photographer is, indeed, that he associates music to each of his photography, for a greater and fully artistic experience that involves all senses.

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His own website: http://ranopano.fr