ron kibble


Ron Kibble was born in Rudyard, Michigan and grew up at Norris Adolescent Center, in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Then he went to college at the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

His painting speaks of signs drawn on canvas or any surface he is able to find and that can accommodate his emotions and deep drives. His impulses yields like a great harvest back into an area of dreams. His signs and signals are so strong and powerful that come as scratches on the skin in continuous time. A constant “Stealing Souls” stimuli is present as if there were sins of a deities hands at work. Even the reference to Eros is all-encompassing. A libidinal transparent, yet concrete veil charged with a vitality that also provides states of distress and brutality while offering a sens of discoveries, new horizons and cosmic predictions, at the same time.

Ron Kibble has shown his works in Milwaukee, Chicago, Scottsdale, Miami, New York, Hollywood, New Orleans, Mexico City, Oslo (Norway), London and Manchester (England). His works have been featured in movies, books, newspapers and magazines.

His philosophy: a spontaneous Consciousness; an open confession of self.

Ron currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.