Stefano Marocchi


Dadaist thought and so-called Arte Povera played an important part in the artistic training of Stefano Marocchi. These influences were accompanied by studies and practical experience using a wide variety of figurative and sculptural techniques, and working with a multitude of materials, in a sort of alchemic opus focused on constructing the piece. Stefano Marocchi starts with the material in its natural state to create new visual and perceptual experiences through the use of fused plastic, soil mixed with cement powder, iron filings, natural oxides, clay and water mixed with glue. Although working with earth characterised his work in the nineties, his approach towards materials gradually changed and evolved up to the present day, where we now see him using salvaged materials and creating genuine art installations in abandoned houses. The current phase of Stefano Marocchi's artistic journey includes the use of burnt wood, torn paper, gauze, blood, semen and organic materials with a deeply symbolic value that aim to highlight the relentless passing of time, which changes, transforms and evolves everything, including and above all human thought. Thought that is realised in the formation of ideas and concepts through words. In his recent pieces, the use of words is a vehicle for the painting itself, in yet another attempt to reduce the creative process to its essence: "Words are painting and through dreams I await the action that rouses my soul."