Lost – 48 Hours Art Festival – Willner Brauerei Berlin


Lost berlin art festival
Lost 48 Hours Art Festival at Willner Brauerei Berlin

This closing down of one of Berlin’s art hotspots did not go down without a fight, as for 5 years, art lovers all over the world lended their support to ensure this magnificent human center lives on. Alas the battle is lost, but art itself will continue to live forever, that is why in the last 48 hours of its existence before it moves on to our spiritual consciousness where it will abide forever, an art show will be hosted to give this arena of art a proper send-off.

Willner Brauerei Berlin
Willner Brauerei Berlin

Artists from all over the world regardless of race, culture of background will grace the occasion, as an endearing tribute to this magnificent cultural monument, called upon from. Three exhibitions (Lost Society, Lost Humans, Lost Control) will also take place curated by three great Berlin art promoters The Dark Rooms Exhibitions, Enter Art Foundation and Priests and Prawns, in order to give life to an authetic ART FESTIVAL.  Among the highlights of the occasion will be the Priests and Prawns an egalitarian arts outfit, which embodies the spirit of the about to be lost art edifice in all its facets.

Priests and Prawns may have just been created in 2016, but its ideals and purpose has meant that it has gained a massive traction and respect in the arts industry. This is an organization of visionary purpose as it focuses on the now and not what has been. Priests and Prawns would rather showcase ability rather than previous reputation, as it believes art is not the exclusive forte of the rich and famous, but that it is the embodiment of humanity and a heartbeat monitor for sociopolitical changes that happen around us.

anastasia obaregbe stacy o hope dies last
Stacy O

Tina Winkhaus
Tina Winkhaus

Willner Brauerei might be saying good bye to all of us, but its dear memories and unforgettable experiences will abide in our hearts for as long as we live, and beyond that in the annals of history, as the place which embraced all and gave all an equal chance to showcase their human abilities..

Curator:  The Dark Rooms Exhibitions, Enter Art Foundation and Priests and Prawns

Photos by coutesy of Anastasia Obaregbe

Event website: www.lostberlin.de 

Date: 15.12.17 – 17.12.17
VenueWbb Willner Brauerei – Berliner Str., 13189 Berlin, Germany