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    Conceptual self portraits by Anna Karvounari

    Interview with self-taught photographer Anna Karvounari telling about her series of photos presented on Fumogallery. 

    Conceptual self portraits by Anna Karvounari


    FG: You are a self-taught photographer, when and how did your passion for photography start?

    My journey in photography started around 2015 as a hobby and as a mean of my personal expression. Besides that, I find that photography is an exercise in self exploration. After 7 years I have to admit that it has become my biggest passion. 

    FG: How would you define your photographic style?

    Anna: I make conceptual self-portraits. I use the solitary female figure to touch on some female affairs ,as well as express some personal emotions. The title of each artwork indicates the circumstances and allows the viewers to interpret the narrative of the image. The figure sometimes appears as melancholic,sometimes as provocative,some other times romantic but always underneath a veil of mystery.   

    FG: Can you describe how your photography reflects your culture and upbringing?

    Anna: I have always been shy and quite introvert. From a young age, my need for "perfection" (at least as I used to perceived it back then) resulted in a form of self-oppression, which always appears in my photographs with a flaw in an elegant silhouette. The art of photography helped me to show my inner self to a larger audience, where words are not needed and are being replaced by the image. 

    FG: What do you hope the response is when viewers see your work?

    Anna: I want every piece of my art to be interpreted differently by each viewer and to imagine his own story. I mainly hope to inspire the people who will see my photos. 

    FG: Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

    Anna: It’s very hard to choose one of my images. However, if I had to choose one of them, this could be “Ariadne’s thread” because after this creation I felt that I have found my personal photography style. 

    FG:  What do you need to feel happy?

    Anna: My attitude is that happiness can be found in simple things. As far as photography is concerned , I feel happy when I have inspiration. For me inspiration is the best thing that can happen. 

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