“Flower” Boudoir photography Project by Anna Volpi

Anna Volpi

Anna Volpi Flower boudoir photography

Flower project by Anna Volpi is a rare example of  boudoir photography fused together with a brand-new sort of  genuine female gonzo photography, where a feminine approach to female nude is clear.

In this very talented photographer’s own words:

“These nine images are to be viewed in a certain order. The first image is actually the last image that was shot for the project. I want the series to be viewed, first, by seeing the result of all the observing, photographing and thinking I did through months of menstruation. A piece of art that gradually is broken down into the path that led me to it. Therefore, the last image is the most raw, instinctual and was among the first that I took.”  Anna Volpi

Anna Volpi Flower boudoir photography 5

Unfortunately, menstruation is often considered as something to actively hide and evokes shame. Thus, the menstrual period is considered as something with negative connotations in many different cultures; a moment where women are seen as dirty and perhaps even dangerous. It is not only society that turns its back on women during menstruation, but paradoxically it can also be the woman who backs away from herself. She denies her natural condition, the sanctity of reproduction and the importance of her own body.

However, if we stop for a moment and free ourselves from society’s pressure to conceal and avoid what is rendered “dirty”, “useless” and “disgusting”, we may discover universes of hidden beauty. Universes of flowering shapes, colors and tastes that are ultimately lost if we don’t grant ourselves the marvel and time of discovery.

AnnaVolpi Flower boudoir photography

Even when this natural phenomenon is accepted as a normal occurrence without considerations of magic or danger, its beauty is almost always lost and ignored. Perhaps, hidden beauties are the most emotional once they are allowed to flourish.