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    Samantha Passaniti

    Rethinking Materials Rethinking the Place

    launch website

    Samantha Passaniti Studio and Davide Silvioli

    The exhibition at Palazzo Cozza Caposavi as the spontaneous point of arrival - as well as departure - of apath of artistic investigation which, specifically, arises from the multi-year relationship of the author herselfwith the territory of Bolsena, for her a place of inspiration, retreat, thought and research

    08/19/2020 - 16
    08/31/2020 - 19
    900 €

    Industrial Light sculpture


    1400 €

    Mixed Media on Canvas


    450 €

    Mixed Media Sculpture


    350 €

    Portrait Photography


    Interview with artist Alessandro Casagrande

    Fumogallery is excited to welcome the stunning Italian artist Alessandro Casagrande in its art family. 

    Interview with Ceramic Artist Patrizia Italiano

    Patrizia Italiano is a Sicily-based ceramic artist who draws inspiration from her land to make amazing handmade ceramics. 

    Interview with Street Artist Evgeny Muluk

    Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Evgeny Muluk is a young artist who uses the spaces near the city to expose ...