“This is your body” Fine art photography Project by Giuseppe Gradella


fine art photography this is your body project giuseppe gradella

Offering new ways to look at and experience the female body, Questo è il tuo corpo (This is your body) is an on-going fine art photography project by  the very talented Italian photographer Giuseppe Gradella that explores the intricacies and importance of the female nude.

One can expect abstracted sections of the female body opposed to the aesthetic norms often associated with the world of sex and hedonism. Similar to painting and writing, the medium of photography is used in this series to trigger the mechanisms ‘of becoming’ – the ability to distance itself from reality and everyday life to become a form of art.

Using the techniques of subtraction and multiple overlays in black and white, Giuseppe creates new ways of representing the female body by creating a dialogue with the contemporaneity of specific elements of fashion, art, communication and architecture. Subsequently, the photographic model becomes a geometric model and thus, is a true reference for artistic representation.