Fumogallery – Open Call for Artists by Ello 2018


Call For New Talent Ello


From our cooperation with American social network Ello, Fumogallery is glad to announce an Open Call for Artists 2018 starting on 1st March 2018 until 1st April 2018. Here’s the link to participate: Ello – Artist Invite.

The Call is open to all creators from around this amazing planet, for 3 categories of our shop Art (Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Prints, Mixed Media), Fashion and Design. All you need to do is to register and create a profile on Ello.co.

Ello gave us this incredible chance and I’d like to thank Mark and all his staff for their trust and help. Fumogallery is so proud and happy to take part into this call. Thank you soo much!

You’ll find all instructions to take part into the Call here below and on Ello Artist Invite page, as easy as that…

So what are you waiting for? Register and participate, we are looking forward to seeing your amazing works of art!


Call For New Talent Ello


Open Call for Artists:

Submit your work for the opportunity to sell your works in Fumogallery’s e-shop with a 1-year-long Consignment Agreement, to see your profile under their “Stories” page, and to be promoted on the Fumogallery editorial page and weekly newsletter.

Fumogallery is a young online art gallery & design shop based in Italy whose aim is to offer a digital place and platform for artistic projects driven by passion and unconventional moods. All curated works are either carefully selected one-offs or produced in very limited runs – each creation permeates the stories and souls of their creators. Fumogallery’s dream is to give a voice to the stories behind an artistic production or creative idea, whether they are created from brand new materials or from recycled, transformed, and reanimated materials.

Fumogallery welcomes submissions in any of the following categories: Art (Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Prints, Mixed Media), Design, and Fashion.

Selected works will be made available on Fumogallery e-shop. They will also be showcased on the Fumogallery homepage, the artists and designers will have the chance to tell their stories in an interview on Fumogallery editorial page, and they will have the opportunity to be featured in the Fumogallery weekly newsletter and shared across the Fumogallery social networks.

Fumogallery loves creative people and original ideas from all over the world!


Call For New Talent Ello


How to Enter:

Click the SUBMIT green button on following link.

(1) a maximum of 5 images (Art, Fashion or Design) that show your work or your project
(2) a short description of your work or of your project (but it is not compulsory)
(3) a link to your website, or portfolio (in case you have it)



• 3 artists will be chosen – one per category (Art, Design, Fashion)
• Available on Fumogallery e-shop with a regular 1-year-long Consignment Agreement
• Showcased on the Fumogallery homepage
• Tell your story in an interview on Fumogallery editorial page
• Featured in Fumogallery weekly newsletter and shared across the Fumogallery social networks


Selection Process:

Submissions will be reviewed by Fumogallery & Ello curatorial teams and announced on the Artist Invite. We’re excited to see your work and get you more exposure and opportunities.


In order to participate click here: Ello – Artist Invite

The winner is :

Eric Randall Morris (Category Art)

Roberto Cambi (Category Design)

Giacomo Bevanati (Category Fashion)