Interview with Contemporary Ceramics Artist Duo MudAboutYou


Contemporary Ceramics Artist Mudaboutyou
Studio ceramics artist duo MudAboutYou


World of visual art and contemporary ceramics wonderfully blends in this all-female duo of ceramists artist which is able to give life to outstanding artworks of contemporary ceramics. From the one-of-a-kind series of hand-drawn and manually shaped contemporary dinner platesAnatomy Plates” to the provocative and cool ashtrays series “Dirty Words“, MudAboutYou stands out as extremely original and unique example of refined artistic inspiration and artisanal skills blended together.  Discover more about their creative approach by reading their interview below.


Contemporary Ceramics Artist Mudaboutyou
Designer Laura Turrini


FG: When did you met and where does the idea of MudAboutYou and its name come from?

MUD: We have wished to work together for a long time and the opportunity presented itself when we decided to open up and share our working space. Different backgrounds and a similar taste for contemporary ceramics and art led to the birth of four-handed project MUDABOUTYOU.

MUD – CLAY encloses the essence of the initial project, it stems from the idea of creating rough lines and materic textures while having a fresh appeal linked to a word game at the same time.


FG: Where does the idea of “Anatomy Plates” series stem from?

MUD: The series is a union between the aesthetics that is central to Federica’s work, linked to anatomies and drawing, and Laura’s work, more focused on the search for genuine forms and constant experimentation.





FG: What drew you to choose for ceramics as a medium?

MUD: Choosing ceramics has been a natural transition since it allows each one of us to fully express her skills.


FM: Describe your work with three words.

MUD: Art – inspired, Sophisticated, Contemporary


Artist Federica Poletti


FM: What is your creative approach? Which is the idea behind each creations?

MUD: At the basis there is a constant research and behind each creation there is the idea of making something unique which contains all our different experiences.


FG: Which techniques do you prefer?

MUD: We manually create each forms without the help from any technical tool and we choose sophisticated decorations letting us be inspired by the word of art.


Contemporary Ceramics Artist Mudaboutyou



FG: How does your experience/background in visual arts and in product design influence your work as ceramists?

MUD: Our backgrounds totally influence our creations which otherwise would not have the same expressive force. Since the beginning we have based our production on what art and design have taught us and inspired to us over the years.


FG: Can you mention an artist, artwork or a series of art projects that particularly influenced/inspired you in your work as ceramists?

MUD: Niki de Saint Phalle is surely an artist that we often look at with great curiosity, as well as we like to explore the world of contemporary ceramics linked to art such as the artworks by Ronit Baranga and Maria Rubinke. We also love to confront ourselves with emerging artists/designers.


Contemporary Ceramics Artist Mudaboutyou
Anatomy Plates Series


FG: Which is the most provocative/courageous/original action you made as ceramists?

MUD: To decorate dinner plates with old anatomies drawings.


FG: What can web offer to your job? How can it be useful?

MUD: Web is surely useful as a showcase that allows you to be appreciated and known internationally.


FG: What are your future projects?

MUD: To keep on doing research and try to learn as much as possible from each other.


Contemporary Ceramics Artist Mudaboutyou
Heart Plate


Ribs Plate


Contemporary Ceramics Artist Mudaboutyou
Anatomy Plates Series