Interview Dark Artist Francesco Paolicchi


Dark Artists Francesco Paolicchi
Francesco Paolicchi


Interview with Dark Artist Francesco Paolicchi.


FG: Where do your love for art come from?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: It was born out of something that acted in a fully mysterious way and, obviously, it came also from music, a key element in my life, since I was a teenage.


FG: Tell us about your collection of works on

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: “Emotional Regurgitations” series was born out of a long period of reflection after a sterile and artistically arid year. Then I decided that the time was come to dig up deep and let emerge what I had kept hidden so far due to convenience and laziness.

“Emotional Regurgitations” series is son of violences and emotional self-rapes.


Interview Dark Artist Francesco Paolicchi
Francesco Paolicchi studio


FG: What are your favourite subjects and the major themes you deal with in your work? Is there a technique you prefer?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: Recently I like to deal with the phase when a child begins to explore and see the world through adult’s eyes.


FG: Describe your work with three words.

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: Free, brave and straightforward.


FG: What is your creative approach like?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: Primitive as in life.


Acrylic on Paper Untitled10
Untitled X


FG: Other than, what other types of art do you most like and enjoy?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: I love any type of art: music, cinema, animation… Drug 😛


FG: Can you mention an artist, artwork or series of art projects that particularly influenced/inspired you in you work as an artist?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: I cannot mention only one, it would be reductive. I may compare myself to Doctor Frankenstein.


FG: When was the first time a work of art drew you? What was it?


I was drawn by the works of a young artist from my area, whom I met at a club while he was setting up his exhibition: he was an heroin addict. I remember he had purple eye shadow on his eyelids and was weraing a black t-shirt, that day. His paintings and his appearance captivated me so much and something inside me told me that I had to do like him.


Acrylic on Paper Untitled XII
Untitled XII


FG: What is the best advice you got as an artist?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: “Dedicate yourself to something different, since your work is horrifying and nonsense”. Maybe it wasn’t the best one, but surely it was the most sincere.


FG: While working do you prefer silence or to listen to the music?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: I love silence and solitude. For me, just being with myself, we already are too many.


FG: What can web and technology offer to your work?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: They can certainly offer me more visibility.  I think it is a nice way to promote new universes to more and different people.


Acrylic on Paper Untitled XIII
Untitled XIII


FG: What are your future projects?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: To go on this path until I want to and, obviously, to show my work to as many people as possible.


FG: Which is the most provocative/courageous/original action you made as an artist?

FRANCESCO PAOLICCHI: To believe in my work, in my talent, to overcome uncertainities and risks, to face pain head-on and above all to expose myself : this is courage to me. Painting in itslef is courageous. Without courage (read, heart), none of my painting actions would ever exist.
As for the provocation…
I do not like to push things, I think that that time is yet to come for me and I do not feel the need to. But… you will surely recognize it when that time will come.


Acrylic on Paper Untitled XV
Untitled XV