Interview to the Incendiary Artist Ron Kibble

Ron Kibble

Acrylic on Canvas Ron Kybble


Ron Kibble’s painting speaks a language which is made up of images, colours and signs, all mixed up in a rhythmic harmony revealing a consonance among the figurative expression and the gay world. His style and technique bring to transgressive and revolutionary results which remind of Basquiat’s graffitis through explicit and direct allusions. Here below the interview to Ron Kibble:


FG: When did your passion for art start and how did it come to you?

Ron Kibble: I was always creative and had a strong imagination, but it was not until high school that I started identifying as an artist’s doing painting and poetry.


Acrylic on Canvas Kiss Ron Kibble


FG: If you should tell someone the story of your life, from where would you start?

Ron Kibble: I would start with my birth. I was born with an illness that kept me in the hospital for the first five years of my life.


FG: Where do you draw inspiration from for your artworks? And how is your creative approach?

Ron Kibble: I get inspiration from my past present and visions of my future.


Acrylic on Canvas Ron Kibble


FG: Beside painting, which other art forms do you like?

Ron Kibble: Photography, sound, performance and experimental  and poetry.


FG: Which is the best advice you got as an artist? 

Ron Kibble: Stay true to your vision.



FG: Which is the most provocative/courageous/original action you made as an artist?

Ron Kibble: I did a live performance that involved sex acts.


FG: Can you mention an artist, artwork or series of art projects that particularly influenced/inspired you in your work?

Ron Kibble: I  really like the dada and beatnik movements.



FG: How have your style, practice and techniques evolved over the years?

Ron Kibble: Its just evolved with my life experiences my mark has remained the same.


FG: Choose three words to describe your work. 

Ron Kibble: Sex love horror.


Acrylic on Canvas Kiss Ron Kibble


FG: Do you have a favourite quote or motto you often think about?

Ron Kibble: Live love be free.


FG: Is there a tool or material you are dying to experiment with?

Ron Kibble: I experiment with all media.


FG: What do you need to feel happy?

Ron Kibble: Succus in my art.