Interview With American Artist Ruth Hiller

Ruth Hiller

Interview Artist Ruth Hiller
Ruth Hiller studio shot

Interview to the American artist Ruth Hiller who tells us where she draws inspiration from to create her stunning and colourful artworks on plywood panels:


FG: When did your passion for art start and how did it come to you?

RUTH HILLER: My passion for art started as a small child when I visited Disneyland in the late 60’s. I was obsessed with drawing Mickey Mouse and Pluto!


Interview Artist Ruth Hiller
Ruth Hiller studio shot


FG: Where do you draw inspiration from for your artworks?

RUTH HILLER: And how is your creative approach? I draw inspiration for my work from my daily surroundings. I am influenced by industrial sites, cityscapes as well as being in nature. Lately the political climate in the US has played a huge role in my art of illusion. I can see a color in nature or on the street and it will find its way into my work. I start by sketching ideas and then translate the drawings into Adobe Illustrator to create the hard edged shapes I like.


FG: Beside painting, which other art forms do you like?

RUTH HILLER: I like to make collages, photographs and drawings. As far as owning art, I have many ceramic pieces, paintings and small sculptures. I am really drawn to new LED art that I have seen.


Ruth Hiller studio shot


FG: Which is the best advice you got as an artist?

RUTH HILLER: I assisted Ron Gorchov, a NY painter in the late 80’s and when I was dissatisfied with a finished piece he asked me if I had fun during the process and if I learned something along the way. So while I love the outcome, the process is extremely important.


FG: Can you mention an artist, artwork or series of art projects that particularly influenced/inspired you in your work as an artist?

RUTH HILLER: Ron Gorchov was a mentor to me when I assisted him in his studio in the late 1980’s. I am drawn to the graphic optical work of Bridget Riley and the simple geometric shapes of Ellsworth Kelly. 2 of the artists I mention here both work on shaped substrates!


Install shot of  New Geometry II show at Fred Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT.


FG: When you work, do you prefer silence or listening to music? Which one?

RUTH HILLER: I like to listen to music or podcasts where I learn something new.


FG: Is there a tool or material you are dying to experiment with?

RUTH HILLER: I would like to experiment and learn about 3D printing and laser cutting. I am also interested in LED art.


Interview Artist Ruth Hiller
Ruth Hiller  Boulder studio


FG: Dou you have a favourite quote or motto you often think about?

RUTH HILLER: What do you do?…Whatever it fucking takes!


FG: What do you need to feel happy?

RUTH HILLER: I am blessed that I can be happy at any given moment with a quick change in focus.


Courtesy pics Ruth Hiller


Interview Artist Ruth Hiller
Install shot of New Geometry II at Fred Giampietro Gallery



Interview Artist Ruth Hiller
Install shot of New Geometry II at Fred Giampietro Gallery


Interview Artist Ruth Hiller
Installation shot at CVA Denver, Colorado Women in Abstraction show 2016