“Antiportrait” Oil paintings on canvas Series by Federica Poletti

Federica Poletti

oil paintings on canvas Antiportrait Federica Poletti art

Antiportrait by Federica Poletti is a series of oil paintings on canvas showing faces like disturbing masks in the act of mutating colour, shape, material as gloomy visions deforming image and look.

oil paintings on canvas Antiportrait Federica Poletti art

Indeed darkness, symbolism and transmutation are the elements that characterize Federica Polettis art. The main subjects of her works are disturbing archetypal figures and ominous that arise from the contamination between the intimate unconscious and the grim reality which sometimes creeps into the daily life of each of us. Her passage from the anatomical analysis of the body to the face seems to follow mankind in his process towards “becoming a thing”.

oil painting on canvas Federica Poletti Antiportrait

Her characters are constantly poised between melancholy and sin, anger and submission (undisputed symbols of inner discomfort that often afflicts man in society). The protagonists of Federica’s works inhabit a flat world made out of almost monochromatic colors, sometimes enriched by the presence of few rich tones tended to emphasize aggressive but at the same time poetic anxieties of the subjects. These figures are charged with empathic energy capable of breaking down the wall of the two-dimensionality of painting, while creating a deep and distressing message, like a punch in the stomach to the reality that lurks beneath the surface, its true face.

Through this kaleidoscope of creativity and art, Federica Poletti breaks the mask of man-made reality in search of his/her true appearance.

oil paintings on canvas Antiportrait Federica Poletti art

While dissecting human nature, Federica acts as an improvised “anatomist soul” in an attempt to lay bare the spirit, freeing man from his frustrations, freeing him from his desires and from the bond of the remains. At the same time she tries to preserves its organs, its bones and its structures, using them to create new geometries, anatomical diagrams from esoteric, bizarre and experimental tastes, which are capable of exorcising reality and elevate it to a new sacred dimension.