Event fumogallery.com vs Pille 73


pille 09

Event: Pille Monzambano (Mantua – Italy)

Fumogallery.com vs Pille 73, a one-of-a-kind event where real and virtual reality communicate with each other in an high-sensorial and intimate space.
A small web gallery, which was born online, comes out of the virtual world in order to communicate with a home gallery whose motto is: “to be there, to look, to laugh, to taste, to own, to recall, to live”, that wittingly and purposely keeps itself far from web and social logics.
The artworks by Fumogallery’s artists will occupy and communicate with Pille 73 space by creating an unconventional artistic route, to be lived and experienced in synergy with the home gallery, in a private and intimate space: real and virtual world will merge in order to create a massively out of the box artistic performance.