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  • Naima N2

    by Ezio Anzovino


    550 €

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    ColourBlack, White, Yellow
    Dimensions 60cm x 50cm x 3cm
    SubjectAbstract Art
    StyleAbstract Art
    MaterialsMixed media on canvas

    Ezio Anzovino

    Ezio Anzovino is a 25 years old artist from Bergamo.He started his artistic production at the end of 2018 without academic training, in fact reworking and reflection are the keywords of his work. Through careful observation of his points of reference (Mario Signori, contemporary painter from Bergamo born in 1929, and J. M. W. Turner), he elaborates his concept of art, consisting of emotional immediacy through visual and tactile sensations.Ezio Anzovino's artistic research is based on shaping personal emotions through matter, geometry and color; contrasting color combinations and materiality are the cornerstones of his investigation, which refers to themes of the micro and macro cosmos, even the most human and introspective one, of a predominantly abstract nature. In fact, the theme of the real, combining with personal emotion, gives imaginative impetus to his works, thus transforming them into a bridge between reality and imagination.His technique consists in the use of prepared or powdered putties to mix with acrylic colors or pigments, to then be spread on the canvas with hands or spatulasFor the latest collection he have found a way to express and comunicate his emotions in cotton threads of different diameter, which expands his investigation on materiality ...

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