“ITALIAN RENAISSANCE” Exhibition at Piano D in Florence

“I am convinced that everything comes to light through successive overlaps, as in dreams, where, extremely naturally, the past and the present, the high and the low, the day and the night mix, where anything has meaning, without having a precise verse and gravity. read more

Fumogallery’s Artist – Group Show at Multi.me

A selection of artworks by Fumogallery’s artist will combine to move and amaze Multi.me space in Mantua (Italy). read more
Giacomo Bevanati Artrooms London

Giacomo Bevanati – Artrooms London Exhibition

Welcome Home is based on the idea of an intimate space, where the visitors will be introduced to Giacomo Bevanati’s wonderful creatures and imaginary friends. You will meet a magic shaman, who can smell the essence of your soul. You will hear the Lullaby of the Birdwoman – a journey of tenderness and confusion. You will try and save Ariadne from the trap she builds for herself, and be taught how to listen to your inner voice. read more
Exhibition Giuseppe Gradella

“ITALIAN RENAISSANCE” – An Exhibition by Giuseppe Gradella

The photographic portrait is a required rite of passage for every photographer, but it can also be a trap due to the difficulties involved. If equipped with a deep artistic sensibility and spirit, however, the photographer is capable of entering into a sort of spiritual symbiosis with the subject, giving the portrait a strength that goes beyond technical, compositional and aesthetic mastery. read more
wall art sculpture the lines of the hand

“Julio from my eyes” Wall Art Sculpture by Marcela Morales

It might be over 3 decades ago since one of the most influential Latin American writers of all time Julio Cortázar departed this planet, but his legacy lives on not only through the vast body of writing he left behind, but through the vast thoughts these writings provoke in us and through the art it has been able to inspire as well. Marcela Morales, an intriguing self-taught artist whose body of work ranges… read more
American Hyperreality Eric Randall Morris

American Hyperreality Photography Project by Eric Randall Morris

An American Hyperreality is project by Eric Randall Morris where vernacular American architecture is removed from its context, distorted and turned into fantastical patterns in this manipulated photography. This ongoing series explores a distorted vision of the American dream and represents an architecture of the unconscious. read more
Steampunk Lamp VS-HNBV by Blume Labo

“Viölett Gas” Art Lamps Series by Blume Labo

“17th September 1944, Ardennes. 101 Airborne Forces. An C47 aircraft off course heading to Dunkirk jettisons its crew and definitely misses the target. While trying to return to the  muster point, the men come across a trap door that leads to an underground bunker. They enter cautiously and discover a strange laboratory full of various objects they cannot easily identify. Each part has the same brand name punched in the metal: Viölett Gas”. read more
Limited Edition Design War Chairs

“War Chairs” Limited edition design Project by OKB..SPK

With the notion of “recovering the past with an eye to the future”, Italian artist duo SPK..OKB’s War Chairs exclusive chair collection has been brought to light. There is a fluidity in their artistic partnership: OKB focuses on the conceptual and is the primary designer while SPK is the “doer” and uses his hands to create whilst adding his own ideas in the process. In collaboration with the skill of a long-time craftsman read more
fine art photography this is your body project giuseppe gradella

“This is your body” Fine art photography Project by Giuseppe Gradella

Offering new ways to look at and experience the female body, Questo è il tuo corpo (This is your body) is an on-going fine art photography project by  the very talented Italian photographer Giuseppe Gradella that explores the intricacies and importance of the female nude. One can expect abstracted sections of the female body opposed to the aesthetic norms often associated with the world of sex and hedonism. read more
pille monzambano

Event fumogallery.com vs Pille 73

Event: Pille Monzambano (Mantua – Italy) Fumogallery.com vs Pille 73, a one-of-a-kind event where real and virtual reality communicate with each other in an high-sensorial and intimate space.A small web gallery, which was born online, comes out of the virtual world in order to communicate with a home gallery whose motto is: “to be there, to look, to laugh, to taste, to own, to recall, to live”,.....
read more
mixed media on paper project by Stefano Marocchi Illusions

“Illusions” Mixed media on paper Series by Stefano Marocchi

Stefano Marocchi’s mixed media on paper series Illusions is based on the idea of recreating, through the illusion of a concrete and tactile book, the urgency to possess  a personal notebook open to the innumerable occasions life presents, but which, at the same time, contains one’s own life experiences, like a metaphysical diary of sorts. Understood in this way, the book represents us, our lives ….. read more
black and white photo project by Max Boschini

“Punk” Black and White photography Project by Max Boschini

Punk by photographer Max Boschini is a black and white photo installation considered to be a part of Affective Imaging, an artistic movement whose manifestos include contributions from Max himself. The aim of Affective Imaging is to create works of art that can express and foster emotions not only through the use of figurative components, but also by expanding the way the works… read more