Giuseppe Gradella

Giuseppe Gradella

One of our most talented photographer, Giuseppe Gradella is an architect who turned towards photography with amazing and extraordinary results. He is also included in Italy’s Vogue best photographers.

This great photographer draws inspiration mainly in memories and dreams, into which he has a profound belief.

Conscious that everything is layered over time, in the heart, in memory and that – sooner or later – it finds a way back to the light to unveil itself, Giuseppe thinks of photography as holding your breath just under the surface for as long as your breath lasts and then re-emerging to observe the world from a different, more aware, perspective. In order for memory to speak to him, he arms himself with a lot of patience and an excellent bait that allows him to fish even where life’s flow is perceptible only to the eye, like under a sheet of ice. Physical places and those that exist in memory, where life and dreams intertwine in a process of transfiguration and internal re-creation in which time is suspended.

In Giuseppe’s photographs, which deal with fashion, architecture and fine art, there is a constant juxtaposition between what is actually in front of the camera and what he has retained from his experiences, in a continuous study that becomes introspective self-critique. As he himself is fond of saying, “For me, photography arrived like a storm after months of drought, and I am still very thirsty.”

Giuseppe lives and works in Mantua (Italy). “This is your body”  and “Ossimoron” are his stunning on-going fine art photography projects that Fumogallery is proud to feature on his website.