“Viölett Gas” Art Lamps Series by Blume Labo

Blume Labo

“17th September 1944, Ardennes. 101 Airborne Forces.

An C47 aircraft off course heading to Dunkirk jettisons its crew and definitely misses the target. While trying to return to the  muster point, the men come across a trap door that leads to an underground bunker.

They enter cautiously and discover a strange laboratory full of various objects they cannot easily identify. Each part has the same brand name punched in the metal: Viölett Gas”. 

Viölett Gas, with its distinctive vintage purple colouring, is a line of industrial upcycled lamps and collectable objects crafted by Italian artist Blume Labo. The collection draws inspiration from a fantastical underground world in 1940’s wartime France. This secretive and hidden world is where industrial metal and the mud of the trenches converge with earth and blood. By recycling salvaged post-war and onwards objects and parts, made of mainly brass metal and glass, these unusual and unconventional creations are given new life.

The objects and parts selected by Blume Labo, which range from gasmasks to table top syringes, have a sense of uneasiness in their original clinical and antiseptic functions that is balanced by the pleasing aesthetic combination of brass metal and glass. Each piece in the line has been individually repurposed from their original wartime function and carefully hand assembled into paradoxically captivating lamps and collectable objects.


Blume Labo imbues each one-of-a-kind piece in Viölett Gas line with a sense of post-war industrialism alongside a contemporary spin. It is important to note that each lamp and object has been purposely created such that they cannot be mass-produced.