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    Paul Chrisrian Rajapu

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    Paul Christian Rajapu was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia.

    Having studied photography, theatre directing, film analysis, art history, and cinematography, Christian has developed his own unique photography style, rooted in and influenced by the extensive cultural training. After years of film studies, Christian prefers to see his photographs as stories, using visual metaphors and references to pass on his message and establish a deeper connection with the viewer.

    He often chooses to use unconventional and analogue methods in his work – shooting and hand-developing different formats of film, darkroom printing, collage, etc. as he believes it gives a wider space for creative freedom and makes his work stand out in the world of boring visuals.

    Now studying Media and Culture in the University of Amsterdam, Christian is following his great passion for photography, filmmaking and creative directing.

    Turquoise Tranquility of Paul  Chrisrian Rajapu Fumogallery
    450 €
    Mystic Meadows: A Symphony in Fog and Flame of Paul  Chrisrian Rajapu Fumogallery
    450 €
    Discobolus of Paul  Chrisrian Rajapu Fumogallery
    450 €