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    Bicicletta Dannata

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    Bicicletta Dannata is a project that is born out of the need to bring back on the road old brand bikes that were wrongly considered outdated or technically outmoded, in order to renovate the memory of the old times when harmony and mechanics perfectly merged in one of the easiest yet revolutionary means of transport. Technical maintenance works limited to restore the bike through aesthetic minimal yet captivating choices are combined with their basic mechanics, in order to exalt their imperfection, dents and rust. Features that define and describe unique objects, as unique are the stories of the people who have experienced them in the past. Artisanal and essential, each Bicicletta Dannata is the result of basic elements by different yet important brands, assembled together with similar features, while redesigning the forms of once-off bicyces and shaping renewed means of transport in full compliance with and respect of the originary artisans who made them.

    Depending upon the treatment on the frame, three are the main patterns and types of a Bicicletta Dannata: Burned, Chromed and Preserved. In Burned and Chromed bikes original ruined or damaged paints have been completely removed, in order to bring to light the primal structure, the raw iron. Chromed bikes reveal a soul made of light mixed together with a sporting, agile and fast character. While Burned type displays a carbonic essential industial yet refined and mysterious nature. While for the Preserved ones, the original look is preserved so that imperfections  and the signs of time can tell the stories of a bike whose personality is in constant development. A means of transport with a classical and elegant soul, yet still familiar, in the search for the holy spirit of continuity. In any of these three main categories, the soul of each Bicicletta is reinforced and defined by the choice and changes of its elements: specially made and designed customized handelbars and handgrips, saddles with different egonomics and colours, historical brake lining with precious geometries, colorful and different finishes based upon the personality chosen for each bike. Passion is the natural propellant for Bicicletta Dannata, whose aim is to preserve and rediscover a mostly important heritage, in an enjoyable mix of romanticism and rust. Vini, vidi, Bici.