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    Ruth Hiller

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    Ruth Hiller is a published, internationally shown artist who splits her time between Boulder, Colorado and New York City. Formally trained as a graphic designer, she holds a BFA from Art Center College of Design and has been engaged in painting for the past 30 years. Her schooling instilled in her a great love for mid century modern and clean Swiss design.
     Ray and Charles Eames film “Powers of Ten” created in 1977, was very influential in her early work. Her paintings began as an attempt to explore the microscopic and macroscopic world. Her most recent work deals with the current political climate in the United States --fake news, double meanings and illusion are rampant in our political climate and society at large. The titles of these paintings are all homographs: words that have double meanings. The purpose of these paintings is to actively engage and challenge the viewer’s ideas of perception and meaning through depth of color, movement and perspective.
    These works are her shift in perspective: the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the impression of dimension OR a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something-- a point of view.

    CONSTRUCT of Ruth Hiller Fumogallery
    900 €
    KEY of Ruth Hiller Fumogallery
    900 €
    CONSOLE of Ruth Hiller Fumogallery
    900 €
    BARK of Ruth Hiller Fumogallery
    2900 €
    SIGN of Ruth Hiller Fumogallery
    2900 €