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    Roberta Busato

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    Born in Verona in 1976. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, where he graduated in Painting with Omar Galliani. At the same time he started working with the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio theater company. Roberta Busato creates by shaping a dough with a completely natural formula, processed and dried raw, the result of a long personal research. From the observation of the material comes the series of "Raw Heads" a cycle of works in which a condensed femininity is transcribed: in the taste of the particular, in the tactile pleasure of a material that has different colors based on the morphology of the place of origin, the organoleptic composition of the earth. Among the most recent exhibitions we cite: - The best of Italian art (MacS) Sicily,, 2016; - Migration (Arsenale Foundation, Iseo, 2016); - GAM, (Casa del Mantegna, Mantova, 2016); - Sablier, personal (Galleria 33, Arezzo, 2016); - The Art for Art, L’Arsenale Foundation (Iseo, 2016); - Setup Contemporary Art Fair 2017, Bologna ,; - IX Biennial of Young Art, (MAM Museum of Modern Art, Mantova, 2017); - Ave Crux, (Arsenale Foundation, Iseo, 2017); - "Take care, my love", Fortress of Girifalco, Cortona; - "Here where you live" Casa Museo Murabito, Casoli., Lucca; - Personal "Open Art 2018" edited by Massimo Magurano, Carbonaia church, Foiano della Chiana, Arezzo; - "From ocher to black passing through Pietrasanta", curated by Beatrice Audrito, Galleria Susanna Orlando, Pietrasanta (LU); - ArtAdoption, 2018, Cortona. In 2018 his works are included in the Oliver Gustav Studio, Copenhagen. From 2018 he is present in the gallery of Susanna Orlando, Pietrasanta. From 2019 he realizes works in collaboration with the Henraux foundation. Lives and works in Mantua and Pietrasanta. Roberta Busato describes her work like this: "The raw earth is the oldest material. Retracing his adventure in architecture means retracing the history of humanity. It is a material that has been living in contact with man for centuries. It is earth, or a compound of clay and natural aggregates, simply left to dry in the air, without needing to be cooked. The earth of the place, mixed with water, has given shape to entire settlements, solid, compact and shiny to mimic the stone, the raw earth for its own "sfarina" composition, that is, over time it returns to the primitive state, the dust. In recent years my research has found comfort in the use of this material. The temporal dimension is a fundamental component of the work. a discipline: the core of the work is the process: the human or the animal sublimates the earth, or the earth itself becomes sublimation of the form, becoming a plastic sense that creates a volume. expressing volume becomes form. The form may take shape from another form ". Roberta Busato

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