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    BIANCODICHINA is a contemporary ceramic studio founded by Alice Reina in 2015. Her work is ispired by the plastic properties of raw porcelain and it is drove by the curiosity to manipulate the material to its limits, until reaching unexpected results. She creates objects whose shapes, transparency or surfaces finish makes us doubt about their consistency or even about the materials they are made of.
    Her process of making is based on the use of thin sheets of porcelain or liquid porcelain; they allow her to create organic objects and textures, always different. During the working process Alice accepts, rather enhances, the anarchic nature of the material obtaining unpredictable outcomes.
    Her objects are characterized by fine forms that grow on the silky surface of the bisque porcelain. The colour, when there, is obtained by natural pigments directly added to raw porcelain, later mixed and shaped into final pieces. This is a long process that allows to make unique and precious objects.