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    What is Fumogallery?

    Fumogallery is a platform that puts artists in direct contact with buyers.

    For who?

    Fumogallery is aimed at established, emerging artists and galleries.

    How to Login to my account?

    It is imperative to log in to your Fumogallery account to be able to access administration functions, modify images, view sales.....

    1- Click on the blue button at the top right Login
    2- Enter the email associated with your account and your password
    3- Confirm

    How to sign-in to Fumogallery with Facebook?

    Fumogallery allows you to associate your Facebook account so you can connect to your Fumogallery account, with your existing Facebook account.

    How to pay Fumogallery membership?

    After you logged in, click on “PAY NOW” button. You may choose to pay membership quote (€ 100,00) via PayPal or via Bank Transfer at Account holder: 

    • Belluzzi Andrea
    • Bank: Banca Unicredit S.p.A.
    • IBAN: IT 80 U 02008 57840 000420017695
    • Swift: UNCRITMM

    Once the payment is confirmed, you can start to add your biography and your artworks to be put on sale. 

    How to change my profile picture?

    The profile picture appears on the right of your profile.
    To edit your profile picture, go to your Dashboard:

    1- Go to the section Profile
    2- Click on the EDIT AVATAR button
    3- Load the image from your computer or phone

    How to modify my biography?

    Biography is an essential part of your profile.  Art lovers interested in your work will not fail to consult your biography as soon as they are interested in your work. Make sure you have a well-written, comprehensive, factual biography.
    To edit your biography, go to your Dashboard:

    1- Go to the section Profile
    2- Write on BIODATA and Save

    How to add an artwork?

    In order to add your artworks and make them available for sale on Fumogallery, after having logged in, go to your Dashboard:

    2- Cick on ADD YOUR ARTWORK button
    3- Choose the image file of the artwork on your computer and validate
    Note: Depending on the size of the image, the file may take a few seconds to minutes to load. You may upload images up to 25MB.
    4- Once the file is loaded, refine Tile, Size, Material, Price and all the details of your artwork and Save
    5- Added images will be reviewed by us for approval.

    Until our approval, their status will be “PENDING”. We accurately select the artworks made available on Fumogallery. Not all artworks will be considered suitable for approval. In case of approval, your artwork will be made viewable to all Fumogallery website visitors.   

    How to classify my artwoorks?

    The good classification of the artworks is essential for the buyers.
    Go to your Dashboard:

    1- Select ADD YOUR ARTWORK
    2- Fill in the fields Atwork, this is the main category of the artwork, painting, sculpture, photography….
    3- Fill in the fields Subject, this is the main subject of the artwork, portraits, landscape, interiors….. 
    4- Fill in the fields Style,  this is the main style of the artwork, then SAVE

    You can specify all the other elements in the keyword section, and description.

    Rules of good practice for presenting an artwork

    The gallery section presents artworks to see, collect, or buy. It must show visitors only real works of art in the strict sense, perfectly framed, centered, and well documented or classified. Show only photos with real artistic interest.

    DO NOT show personal photos, press articles, awards, diplomas, exhibition announcements or anything that is not strictly an artwork.

    The image must be an artwork, perfectly centered and trimmed, to provide a pleasant visualization experience for customers. External elements that disturb the visualization (added text, watermark, photo date, visible background or frame support, etc.) are not allowed unless they are an integral part of the work.

    DO NOT show ALL your art, but only THE BEST of your art

    How to present works that have a frame?

    The main image must show exclusively the visual of the work. You can show a photo of the artwork with its frame, or in situation, in the additional views of the image.

    Calculate the shipping price

    You are free to practice the conditions of sale that you want, and to choose your mode of transport.
    If your artworks are sufficiently standardized (often the same weight / dimensions), you can set the shipping costs as a flat rate in your country / Europe / World.
    For all the artworks go to your Dashboard:

    1- Select ADD YOUR ARTWORK
    2- Fill in the fields Add optional cost to your continents shipping 
    3- Fill in the fields Add optional cost to your country shipping then SAVE.

    The shipping costs will be indicated directly to the customer who clicks on the BUY button, taking into account his address. In this case the customer can order directly, without waiting for a quotation for the delivery.

    How do I know when my artwork has been sold?

    If an order is placed for one of your artwork, you will receive an automatic email with all order details and the customer’s address. You just need to package the sold artwork and arrange shipment with the courier. Artworks must be shipped to end customer within 10 days from order. As soon as the artwork has been shipped you must update your dashboard as follows.
    Go to your Dashboard:

    1- Select Client Orders
    2- Select ORDER DETAILS
    3- Fill in the fields Shipping Status (YES),  Shipping Company (Name), Track Number (Number) then click on SAVE.

    After having update Shipping Status, we will receive an automatic email with the shipping and tracking details as well, so that we can inform end customer about the status of his/her order. 

    How to publish an event in the calendar?

    Be sure to offer professional content, useful to the public,use clear, concise editing, avoid the first person, use exclusively the official poster of the event. Do not add an event already present.
    Go to your Dashboard:

    1- Select Events
    2- Select ADD EVENT
    3- Fill in the fields Event Information then SAVE.

    How to report a bug / technical problem?

    Before reporting a bug, please make sure the problem is not just about your configuration:
    Make sure the address of the page you are using is the correct oneMake sure the problem recurs more than onceTry clearing your browser cache, then try againTry another browserTry from another computer / mobile phone.
    If the problem persists, contact us: info@artmood.it.
    The more accurately you report the problem, the faster our team can solve it!

    How long will it take to receive my artwork?

    Delivery within the EU usually takes 10 to 15 working days. Please note that the delivery time is dependent on the shipping company chosen by the seller. Deliveries outside of the EU usually take 10 to 20 working days. However, these may take longer than 3 weeks if the parcel has to go through customs, or, if the country your order is coming from, has any public holidays.Fumogallery has no influence on, and is not able to assist with the customs procedures, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by delivery delays as a result of this. We therefore recommend, that you check the shipping status of your delivery (via tracking), and the carrier information. If you have any further questions regarding shipping, please contact us info@fumogallery.com.
    If the tracking information has not been provided, please notify us within 10 days of making payment. A claim will then be opened and payment to the seller will be withheld.