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    Patrizia Italiano

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    Patrizia Italiano lives in Sicily, between the sea of the Aeolian islands and the town of Palermo. Filicudi is for her an endless source of inspiration and research.
    Pottery has always been her passion. Manual labour and creativity have guided her throughout her life.
    Since a very young age, Patrizia has exhibited her work around the world, in places such as Milan, New York, Tokyo and the Emirates. Following a long period of inactivity, she has just begun working again as an artist and artisan, and has set up an independent studio in Palermo.
    Her talent and creativity are evident in each exquisite piece of artwork. Her greatest passions, clay and the sea, follow her everywhere and forever.
    The magical island of Filicudi, to which she is hopelessly devoted, is her life's accomplice - she carries within her its colours, smells, landscapes and sunsets; its old, stone-paved paths and dry-stone walls; its green-blue sea that evokes submerged worlds of fish, crabs, coral, sea shells, dolphins... She gives life to her sculptures - of mermaids and the heads of market vendors;they are imbued with her Sicily. Mermaids are the archetype par excellence of femininity: strong and alluring, seductive and often destructive, but sweet and passionate creatures.
    The “vendors of Sicily" collection springs from her love for Palermo, particularly its food markets with their colours, smells, tastes and sights to enlighten all senses. It recalls centuries of culture and history, transposed in a contemporary and ironic way.

    Profeta of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    340 €
    Fuochista of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    240 €
    Palagonia Black of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    140 €
    Palagonia Black I of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    140 €
    Raccoglitrice di Olive of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    250 €
    Venerina Pink/Green of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    250 €
    Ho Mangiato Troppo of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    470 €
    Palagonia White of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    120 €
    Ospiti in Sicilia of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    60 €
    Ospite in Sicilia I of Patrizia Italiano Fumogallery
    60 €