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We are proud to announce our official partnership with the growing creative social media platform Ello. They’ve built a social media platform for artists, by artists – and that is a vision that we share.

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mixed media on paper project by Stefano Marocchi Illusions

“Illusions” Mixed media on paper Series by Stefano Marocchi

Stefano Marocchi’s mixed media on paper series Illusions is based on the idea of recreating, through the illusion of a concrete and tactile book, the urgency to possess  a personal notebook open to the innumerable occasions life presents, but which, at the same time, contains one’s own life experiences, like a metaphysical diary of sorts. Understood in this way, the book represents us, our lives ….. read more
custom bicycles project fuck oil melo 5

“Fuck Oil” Custom bicycles Project by Melo

FUCK OIL is both the provocative slogan and project name for a group of custom bicycles by anarchist artist Melo. The slogan screams Melo’s personal motto for his crusade against smog, pollution and the greedy oligarchy controlling the oil industry. Each bicycle in FUCK OIL reverbs the core of anti-consumerism and anti-materialism philosophies with its production from recycled bike parts in conjunction with new parts. read more


Urbex Photography Rano Pano

Interview with Rano Pano Talented Photographer of Urbex Photography

Urban Exploration Photography, or urbex photography, is an increasingly common genre in the world of photography: it consists in exploring abandoned places in order to capture their extremely evocative, mysterious and decadent charm. Places non-places, who come back to life for a while and again strongly evoke old memories of a lost prestige. read more
interview fine art dark beauty photographer

Interview with Fine Art & Dark Beauty Photographer

By surfing in that amazing hotbed of artists which is represented by Ello platform, we discovered the hugely talented self-taught photographer Lars V. Andersen, a 38-years-old artist, who lives and works in Denmark. read more