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Francesco Paolicchi


Lelio Pederiva



Ceramic artists


limited edtion design project War Chairs by SPK..OKB

“War Chairs” Limited edition design Project

With the notion of “recovering the past with an eye to the future”, Italian artist duo SPK..OKB’s War Chairs exclusive chair collection has been brought to light. There is a fluidity in their artistic partnership: OKB focuses on the conceptual and is the primary designer while SPK is the “doer” and uses his hands to create whilst adding his own ideas in the process. In collaboration with the skill of a long-time craftsman read more
acrylic on canvas emotional regurgitations studio 3

“Emotional Regurgitations” Acrylic on canvas Series

Francesco Paolicchi’s series of eight acrylic on canvas and acrylic on paper paintings, Emotional Regurgitations, bare a sense of heavy anguish and are full of inner conflict in his scenes of androgynous figures haunted by dripping demons baring sharp teeth and glowing orbs that approach from behind. The figures carry a sense of burden with forlorn faces, although, indistinct with gaping mouths and ghoulish eyes. read more
mixed media on paper project by Stefano Marocchi Illusions

“Illusions” Mixed media on paper Series

Stefano Marocchi’s mixed media on paper series Illusions is based on the idea of recreating, through the illusion of a concrete and tactile book, the urgency to possess  a personal notebook open to the innumerable occasions life presents, but which, at the same time, contains one’s own life experiences, like a metaphysical diary of sorts. Understood in this way, the book represents us, our lives, the combination of our experiences and possibilities. read more
black and white photo project by Max Boschini

“Punk” Black and White photography Project

Punk by photographer Max Boschini is a black and white photo installation considered to be a part of Affective Imaging, an artistic movement whose manifestos include contributions from Max himself. The aim of Affective Imaging is to create works of art that can express and foster emotions not only through the use of figurative components, but also by expanding the way the works are experienced through sensory elements such as fragrances and tactile parts. read more