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Giacomo Bevanati Artrooms London

Giacomo Bevanati – Artrooms London Exhibition

Welcome Home is based on the idea of an intimate space, where the visitors will be introduced to Giacomo Bevanati’s wonderful creatures and imaginary friends. You will meet a magic shaman, who can smell the essence of your soul. You will hear the Lullaby of the Birdwoman – a journey of tenderness and confusion. You will try and save Ariadne from the trap she builds for herself, and be taught how to listen to your inner voice. read more
pille monzambano

Event fumogallery.com vs Pille 73

Event: Pille Monzambano (Mantua – Italy) Fumogallery.com vs Pille 73, a one-of-a-kind event where real and virtual reality communicate with each other in an high-sensorial and intimate space.A small web gallery, which was born online, comes out of the virtual world in order to communicate with a home gallery whose motto is: “to be there, to look, to laugh, to taste, to own, to recall, to live”,.....
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Interview Artist Ruth Hiller

Interview With American Artist Ruth Hiller

Interview whit artist Ruth Hiller: FG: When did your passion for art start and how did it come to you? RUTH HILLER: My passion for art started as a small child when I visited Disneyland in the late 60’s. I was obsessed with drawing Mickey Mouse and Pluto! read more
Illustrator Amber Vittoria A Heavenly Body

Illustrator Amber Vittoria Reinterpret the Female Body

Amber Vittoria is an illustrator living and working in New York City. She took a degree in Graphic Design at the Boston University. Her works portray often strong and vivid coloured female bodies, whose shapes rise and highlight physical treats features such as hair on the body, curves and menstrual cycles. read more