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We are proud to announce our official partnership with the growing creative social media platform Ello. They’ve built a social media platform for artists, by artists – and that is a vision that we share.

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Giacomo Bevanati

Wire Artist

Pedro Mainman



Jewellery Designer


fine art photography this is your body project giuseppe gradella

“This is your body” Fine art photography Project by Giuseppe Gradella

Offering new ways to look at and experience the female body, Questo è il tuo corpo (This is your body) is an on-going fine art photography project by  the very talented Italian photographer Giuseppe Gradella that explores the intricacies and importance of the female nude. One can expect abstracted sections of the female body opposed to the aesthetic norms often associated with the world of sex and hedonism. read more
black and white photo project by Max Boschini

“Punk” Black and White photography Project by Max Boschini

Punk by photographer Max Boschini is a black and white photo installation considered to be a part of Affective Imaging, an artistic movement whose manifestos include contributions from Max himself. The aim of Affective Imaging is to create works of art that can express and foster emotions not only through the use of figurative components, but also by expanding the way the works… read more


Interview Ron Kibble

Interview to the Incendiary Artist Ron Kibble

Ron Kibble’s painting speaks a language which is made up of images, colours and signs, all mixed up in a rhythmic harmony revealing a consonance among the figurative expression and the gay world. His style and technique bring to transgressive and revolutionary results which remind of Basquiat’s graffitis through explicit and direct allusions. read more
Illustrator Amber Vittoria A Heavenly Body

Illustrator Amber Vittoria Reinterpret the Female Body

Amber Vittoria is an illustrator living and working in New York City. She took a degree in Graphic Design at the Boston University. Her works portray often strong and vivid coloured female bodies, whose shapes rise and highlight physical treats features such as hair on the body, curves and menstrual cycles. read more