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Urbex Photography Rano Pano

Interview with Rano Pano Talented Photographer of Urbex Photography

Urban Exploration Photography, or urbex photography, is an increasingly common genre in the world of photography: it consists in exploring abandoned places in order to capture their extremely evocative, mysterious and decadent charm. read more
custom bicycles project fuck oil melo 5

“Fuck Oil” Custom bicycles Project by Melo

FUCK OIL is both the provocative slogan and project name for a group of custom bicycles by anarchist artist Melo. The slogan screams Melo’s personal motto for his crusade against smog, pollution and the greedy oligarchy controlling the oil industry. Each bicycle in FUCK OIL reverbs the core of anti-consumerism and anti-materialism philosophies with its production from recycled bike parts in conjunction with new parts. read more
upcycled lamps project Violett Gas by Blume Labo

“Viölett Gas” Upcycled lamps Series by Blume Labo

“17th September 1944, Ardennes. 101 Airborne Forces. An C47 aircraft off course heading to Dunkirk jettisons its crew and definitely misses the target. While trying to return to the  muster point, the men come across a trap door that leads to an underground bunker. They enter cautiously and discover a strange laboratory full of various objects they cannot easily identify. Each part has the same brand name punched in the metal: Viölett Gas”. read more
wall art sculpture the lines of the hand

“Julio from my eyes” Wall Art Sculpture by Marcela Morales

It might be over 3 decades ago since one of the most influential Latin American writers of all time Julio Cortázar departed this planet, but his legacy lives on not only through the vast body of writing he left behind, but through the vast thoughts these writings provoke in us and through the art it has been able to inspire as well. Marcela Morales, an intriguing self-taught artist whose body of work ranges… read more