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We are proud to announce our official partnership with the growing creative social media platform Ello. They’ve built a social media platform for artists, by artists – and that is a vision that we share.

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10 Cool Ideas for The Summer

10 Cool Ideas for The Summer

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” The sun is shining at last! Time to celebrate with our 10 cool ideas for the summer. Here at Fumogallery we selected the hippest clothing, accessories and artworks to get you in the mood….So what can we say? Have a great summer!  read more
Anna Volpi Flower project boudoir photography

“Flower” Boudoir photography Project by Anna Volpi

Flower project by Anna Volpi is a rare example of  boudoir photography fused together with a brand-new sort of  genuine female gonzo photography, where a feminine approach to female nude is clear.In this very talented photographer’s own words: “These nine images are to be viewed in a certain order. The first image is actually the last image that was shot for the project. I want the series to be viewed, first, read more


Interview Roberto Cambi Ceramic Artist

Studio Visit and Interview with Roberto Cambi Ceramic Artist

Visiting Roberto Cambi’s studio is like entering a surreal and enchanted world where amazing contemporary ceramics get the shape of odd animated objects, all resulting from this great artist’s creativity. Roberto is a designer, a glass-maker, a sculptor as well as a talented painter who is constantly evolving and able to amaze. read more
Acrylic on Paper Untitled XII

Interview Dark Artist Francesco Paolicchi

Francesco Paolicchi was born in Viareggio in 1988 and currently lives and works in Camaiore (Italy). With a fascination with the occult and surrealism, Francesco finds common ground with Kenneth Anger’s avant-garde cinematography, Roland Topor’s animation movies, David Lynch’s surreal and experimental short films and John Waters’ grotesque dark comedies. read more