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    Paolo Castiglioni

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    I was born in 1955 in Barabò, in the province of Verona, and it is still my home today.

    Having loved photography since Iwas a child, I’ve succeeded in making a career of it. From interior design to jewelry, from fashion to portraiture, I’ve enjoyed a rich and varied path of professional experiences. I’ve chosen to specialize in food photography, telling thestories of products and producers, of chefs and the treasuresof food and wine.

    I’ve increasingly felt the desire to move away from strictly commercial work to turn my attention to narrative photography. This is taking me out of my comfort zone- the studio, and away from having complete control over a set -to move towards a kind of ‘slow photography’: with a tripod,low ISO values, a closed diaphragm, and long exposures,carefully planned but ready to capture the amazement ofwhat happens.

    Calcinculo of Paolo Castiglioni Fumogallery
    350 €