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    Evgeny Muluk

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    Evgeny Muluk began his creative career in 2005.
    In his work, he prefers an improvisational beginning and works with the surrounding space.
    The artist strives to preserve his individuality by remaining true to his view of art, independent of society's expectations and the pressures of social media.
    Muluk creates multi-layered abstract murals in urban space, on the walls of old ruins, as well as in industrial environments.
    The texture of the surfaces reflects the transience of time, speaking in unison with the artist's manner of working at the moment.
    Also, the author loves to experiment with various materials and techniques when creating works on canvas and graphics.

    Singing in The Thorns of Evgeny Muluk Fumogallery
    700 €
    Methanoia of Evgeny Muluk Fumogallery
    950 €