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  • Alessandro Casagrande

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    Alessandro Casagrande is an Italian painter and photographer, based between Milan and Los Angeles, co-founder and editor in chief of the magazine Rivista Baccalà.

    Alessandro was born in Caracas in 1987. He grew up between Pescara and Milan and, for the last six years, lived and worked in Los Angeles.
    He lives in Milan between 2009 and 2013 where he works as a fashion photographer.

    He moved in 2013 to Los Angeles where he works as a photographer on commissioned and personal projects, publishing three books in the last 6 years.

    In 2017 he founded the magazine Rivista Baccalà, a bi-annual printed magazine about fashion, art, design and with a small column dedicated to food.

    In 2018 he continues in his photographic and publishing work but decides to focus more on painting, in particular working on the creation of sketches in ink and oil pastels. 2020 was a very important year for the artist, in fact, the interruption of everyday life that the whole world has known led Casagrande to dedicate completely at the painting with the oil pastels, creating a new series of 16 large-scale works and 12 smaller works on paper, exhibited in a solo exhibition (October - January 2020), hosted by the art gallery of Milan SBR Gallery, better known as Galera San Soda.

    Casagrande's paintings on display portray evocative scenarios of a surreal domesticity, a vivid backdrop for a series of nudes that enchant the observer. Each work captures and translates the intimate and melancholy nature of evocative memories into the vocabulary of art: a desire for tenderness and innocence that rejects the commodification of the body in favor of a dreamlike imagination.

    To date the artist is in constant production, focusing on new research and working on commission.

    On Time or Another of Alessandro Casagrande Fumogallery
    700 €
    Gentian of Alessandro Casagrande Fumogallery
    700 €
    Las Simples Cosas of Alessandro Casagrande Fumogallery
    700 €
    Self Portrait in a Late Afternoon of Alessandro Casagrande Fumogallery
    700 €
    October at the Country House of Alessandro Casagrande Fumogallery
    700 €
    Find Yourself In of Alessandro Casagrande Fumogallery
    700 €
    Woman In Robe of Alessandro Casagrande Fumogallery
    900 €