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    João Charrua

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    João Charrua was born and and brought up in a small town in southern Portugal.

    At an early age he developed a taste for the arts, especially drawing, studied arts at high school and years later he graduated in architecture.
    During the initial years of his career he trained and worked with a number of senior architects at several studios. He now has his own studio. It was out of mere curiosity, that João Charrua first took up origami, which developed into an absorbing hobby and later a serious undertaking.

    He is passionate about illustration and everything to do with fantasy and the fantastic, from which he draws most of the inspiration for his works.
    Don’t be surprised if you catch him daydreaming - it’s just his prolific imagination at work.

    In his free time, he enjoys the small pleasures of life, drawing and playing with his children.

    Red Faun of João  Charrua Fumogallery
    450 €
    Untitled 01 of João  Charrua Fumogallery
    450 €