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    Nunzio Miano

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    Fuelled by his never-ending creative energy, Nunzio Miano has spent the last 30 years expressing himself through painting, drawing and ceramic work.  

    From an early age, Nunzio has been fascinated with identity, belonging, rejection and acceptance. As the son of Sicilian immigrants, living a dual existence in Australian suburbia became the norm. Nunzio takes a deep dive into his personal journey, reflecting on his rich cultural heritage and upbringing. His work explores the idea of identity and, in particular, the facade that we use in society to mask our inner sensitivities and insecurities.  

    Nunzio’s work ranges from figurative to abstract. Brightly coloured and expressive works contrast with dark and melancholy pieces exploring distortion and emotion. His last 6 solo exhibitions have been sell out shows.  

    Nunzio began his tertiary studies in Visual Arts at the University of Melbourne. He then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Monash University, Melbourne.

    Crying at the Discotheque of Nunzio  Miano Fumogallery
    2200 €
    One Way Love of Nunzio  Miano Fumogallery
    1450 €
    Crying at the Discotheque Print of Nunzio  Miano Fumogallery
    300 €