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    Nunzio Miano

    Abstract Vs #New Figurative Art

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    Abstract Vs #New Figurative Art 
    In each and every case that which unifies is mind. Aristotle, De Anima 430b.

    Fumogallery is delighted to present a Pop-up group exhibition in Milan featuring 11 artists that we’re showing for the very first live time.

    Stefano Casati
    Francesco Cusumano
    Ilaria Franza
    Stephen Magsig
    Nunzio Miano
    Alessandro Casagrande
    Roberto Cambi
    Ulla-Stina Wikander
    Giacomo Bevanati
    Giuseppe Gradella
    Iness Rychlik
    Oliver Takac
    Paolo Castiglioni

    Exhibitiion Opening 23.06 (6-9 PM)
    On view by appointment only 24.06 - 07.07.2023

    Via Voghera, 920144 Milano (Italy)
    For info: info@fumogallery.com  

    06/23/2023 - 18
    07/07/2023 - 21
    350 €

    Landscape Photography


    900 €

    Drawing on paper


    7000 €

    Vase Sculpture


    680 €

    Portrait Photography


    Fumo Gallery Live Group Exhibition in Milan

    Abstract Vs #New Figurative Art In each and every case that which unifies is mind. Aristotle, De ...

    Old vintage objects wrapped by textile artist Ulla-Stina Wikander

    A series of household objects covered in colorful, vintage stitchings.

    Interview with australian painter Nunzio Miano

    Nunzio Miano has recently joined Fumogallery, bringing his conceptual portraits to the platform. Nunzio’s work offers the viewer ...