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    His name is Lorenzo "Loreprod" Anzini and he was born in Rimini in 1984.
    He draw since he was 3 years old. Then he received his first painting set for his birthday at the age of 12 and from there he never stopped painting. He spent his life studying art and graphic design, but he didn’t want to limit himself to this two fields, his dream was to express his art through any way he felt.
    He is a curious person, wanting to savor and represent as many aspect of life as he can. He is fascinated by human condition, shades of subconscious and all stories that could surface from people feelings. He also takes inspiration from the sea and landscapes that he has the fortune to live close.
    From the age of 27 he has experienced a new way of exploring art. He followed a traditional apprentice path to became a tattooer, and now his goal is to create unique tattoos on his customers.
    He never stopped painting and studying through these years, and he promises to himself to do that for the rest of his life.  

    Mickey Mouth Tattoo of Loreprod  Fumogallery
    12 €
    Pippo Tattoo of Loreprod  Fumogallery
    12 €
    Sapiens Print of Loreprod  Fumogallery
    150 €
     Topyc Print  of Loreprod  Fumogallery
    300 €