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    Fumogallery provides a platform on which you can offer artworks to buyers in a range of countries worldwide. It is highly important for us that our platform is reliable and safe for both buyers and sellers, to guarantee the best possible customer experience and the best sales results. This requires you to accept and abide by the rules laid down in our Terms and Conditions.


    • Use your own correct personal details
      Everyone in Fumogallery’s can create an account. You are obliged to register truthfully, with correct personal details and, upon request, valid proof of ID. If we are not able to identify you and verify your identity, we may not be able to send you your payments.
    • Selling commercially? Register with valid company details
      If you have a business and offer artworks  on Fumogallery commercially, you must register with the correct details of your company, including, if available, a valid Chamber of Commerce and VAT number. The use of Fumogallery for tax evasion is prohibited.
    • Keep your account safe and secure
      You are responsible for your account and for keeping your sign in details secret. Don’t share them with others. If you suspect someone else knows your sign in details, you must immediately change your password and notify us.

    Sell Artworks

    • You must be entitled to sell the artwork
      It is extremely important to us that you are the rightful owner of your artworks or you are authorised by the owner to sell them. If you are not, we will not process your payments. It is strictly forbidden to sell up artworks as part of a fake transaction, for instance with the goal of laundering money. We have the obligation to report suspicious transactions to the authorities.  
    • Your artworks descriptions are clear, honest, detailed and accurate
      Please mention any signs of wear & tear, defects or flaws, to prevent claims.
    • Your artworks and uploaded material are original and authentic
      Please do not infringe the rights of other people, such as copyright & trademark rights. This also means you are not allowed to use photographs from other people, including other Fumogallery users.

    After Sell

    • The artwork must be shipped within 10 working of order
      Please ship securely with courier track and use Insurance. Always provide a valid ’Track & Trace’ code so that all parties involved can follow your lot, unless the buyer has chosen to pick up the artwork. Providing tracking information will allow us to process your payment quicker.
    • Be proactive in the event of issues
      You are responsible for any issues related to the sale, such as non-conformity and shipment issues. If there is an issue with your artwork, we expect you to find a solution with the buyer. Fumogallery can mediate if necessary. In the event the sale is cancelled due to your failure to fulfil your obligations under the purchase agreement, we expect you to arrange return shipment of the artwork at your expense.
    • Ship from your registered address
      If you ship from a different address than registered, you will pay for any additional costs suffered by the buyer.
    Respect consumers’ right to withdraw.  If you sell commercially we expect you to respect the EU ‘right of withdrawal’.

    How can I give the buyers of my artworks the best customer experience?

    We'd like to help you get the most out of selling on Fumogallery and advise you on how to give the buyers of your artworks the best experience possible. To do so, we’ve put together a few tips about how to keep your buyers happy.Some recomendations:

    1- Be sure to ship your order within 10 days from order date.

    2- Use a Track & Trace code when shipping your order.

    3- When calculating your shipping costs, please ensure that they are as accurate and fair as possible.

    4- As we are an online platform, taking good quality photographs is extremely important so buyers will know what to expect when they receive their order.

    5- If there are any issues with the delivery of your order, contact us: info@fumogallery.com

    What do I need to know about shipping my artworks internationally?

    1- Research the country specific restrictions and regulations of where you're going to ship your artwork to.

    2- Understand international shipping costs so you don’t pay more than you have to.

    3- Courier comparison services (such as FedEx, TNT, UPS,GLS and DHL) are a guaranteed way to save money on international deliveries.

    4- Research restricted/prohibited goods: Not every item can be carried on every service and all countries have their own individual rules and restrictions. Be sure to check your chosen courier’s list of prohibited items before sending your shipment.

    What should I know about the customs form, charges and fees?

    The customs forms can be obtained from your post office or shipping company. Most national postal services have information about these forms on their website.
    You'll need to fill in the form, including a description of the contents of the package and its value. 
    You are responsible for the information on the declaration. Please make sure the declaration is completed accurately and in full. This allows the destination country to process the package. It will also lower the chance of the artwork being delayed or returned.

    Please be aware: goods may be subject to customs duties, import taxes and clearing charges upon import in the buyer's country. The amount depends on the value of the contents. The buyer will have to pay these before the parcel is released to them. The customs authorities in the destination country determine if charges are due on imported goods. The levels and thresholds of charges vary from country to country. Fumogallery cannot advise on what these may be.

    When do I need to fill a Customs Declaration Form? Charges and Fees

    If you're an EU seller shipping an artwork from one EU country to another, you do not need a customs form.
    The EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (not including the Canary Islands) and Sweden.
    You will need to fill out a customs form if you’re an EU seller sending  to a country outside the EU.

    How can I accurately estimate the shipping costs?

    The first step of estimating your shipping costs is to weigh your package/parcel. Remember to also include the weight of the box and packaging materials. Once you have your package weight, you can start researching shipping carriers and pick your shipping method.
    Most carriers will charge you based on the package weight and the distance the package has to travel. The most affordable option will be the ground shipping methods. We advise you to pay attention to the services you might have to give up if you pick a lower cost shipping method because some of the low-cost methods will not include package tracking or insurance.
    It’s helpful to review shipping rates for various shipping methods before you decide on packaging your order because you can optimise the package size to save on shipping. If you have a package that take up a lot of space, you might need to account for 'dimensional weight.
    Some shipping carriers can charge more if your package exceeds a certain volume. You can find formulas online that will give your package a dimensional weight based on its length, width and height. If the calculated dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, you'll be charged based on the dimensional weight.

    Who pays for the second shipping costs if I have to send an artwork twice?

    If your artwork could not be delivered, if for example the buyer did not sign for delivery or was not home to receive it, the buyer will be required to pay the additional shipping costs directly to you. The buyer needs to arrange the payment of the second shipping costs directly with you.
    If the lot was returned to you because you entered a wrong address or there was an incident with the shipping company, you will be responsible to pay for the second shipment and resend the artwork to the buyer.
    Please contact the buyer directly in order to investigate the reasons behind the item being returned. Please note that bearing the costs of return shipment depend on the reasons behind the order being returned to the sender. 
    If you can't come to a mutual solution with the buyer, please notify us.

    How can I know what is a fair price to charge for shipping?

    We recommend comparing prices using the online services provided by your national shipping company as well as FedEx, TNT, UPS, GLS and DHL.
    Be aware that it is important to set accurate shipping prices for your artworks.

    How are the shipping costs calculated?

    Each shipping company calculates the shipping costs based on the dimensions and weight of the parcel.

    Who pays for the shipping costs?

    The buyer is responsible to pay for the shipping costs together with the payment for the artwork. As a seller, you are required to set shipping costs for every country during the artwork submission process. We highly recommended that you pre-calculate the shipping costs accurately to avoid any issues after the delivery of the artwork.
    Please remember that since Fumogallery is a platform for artworks, you are required to use registered shipping and we strongly recommend insuring the shipment so that it is covered against any issues. Fumogallery doesn't charge commission on shipping costs.Please also be aware that for shipped artworks, it is not possible to pay separetely for the artwork and the shipping costs.

    Why and how does Fumogallery use the courier and tracking code?

    The courier name and the tracking code, also known as ‘Tracking information’, are used by Fumogallery to track the shipment. 
    Also, the tracking information allows Fumogallery to inform the buyers and sellers in real-time about the progress of their shipments via email. 

    What is the best way to handle an issue after the order has been delivered?

    We recommend you discuss options for resolving the case with the buyer directly, as this can speed up the process of solving your issue. Possible options for resolving the case may include (with the buyer's agreement): 

    •  An appropriate partial refund to the buyer; the amount you can agree with them.
    • A replacement for the artwork, if you are able to offer an appropriate replacement of similar condition and value.
    • Cancellation and refund, with the buyer's agreement, resulting in the artwork being returned to you in the same condition as you shipped it before. 
    You should only provide the refund once the artwork has arrived with you and you can confirm it is in the correct state. The cost of this shipment depends on the reasons behind the parcel being returned to you.

    How can I update the tracking code for my orders?

    To update the tracking code for your orders, you can go to:
    Client Orders - Order Details - Shipping Status and choose the relevant order and update the relevant Track & Trace code.
    We also highly recommended that you track the status of the order you shipped. In case of delay or any other anomaly, please contact the buyer and inform us at info@fumogallery.com.

    What is a 'Tracking' or 'Track & Trace' code?

    After the buyer paid for the artwork, you will receive a email to process the shipment of the order. You are responsible for providing the tracking code related to the shipment.
    You need to obtain the tracking code from the shipping company (also known as a courier) that you use to send the package to the buyer. The format of the tracking code varies on the courier you use. In general, it is a set of characters and numbers and it is not a link to a website and it does not contain the courier company name in it.
    With Track & Trace you can follow your mail item or parcel to its destination using an online international tracking system. Once your artworks are on their way, you can easily monitor their progress.
    Within a few clicks, you know if your artwork is on it’s way or if it has already reached its destination.
    In case the Track & Trace code is incorrect, you can now change it yourself. Simply go to Client Orders - Orders Details and choose the relevant order. Click on ‘Update’ and update the relevant Track & Trace code.

    What happens if the order that I shipped gets returned to me?

    Please contact the buyer directly in order to investigate the reasons behind the artwork being returned to you. Please note that bearing the costs of return shipment depends on the reasons behind the parcel returned to you.
    If you don't come to a mutual solution with the buyer, please let us know and our email info@fumogallery.com will be happy to help you.

    What are the benefits of sending your shipment with insurance?

    1- Knowing that you are covered for every shipment that you send with postal insurance or your express courier will ensure that you don’t have to worry about it.

    2- If something happens to your parcel when it’s insured, you won’t have to cover any of the costs if the shipment is lost, damaged or stolen.

    3- It’s convenient to add insurance to your shipment, you can add it when you are paying for the shipping costs. This nominal fee is automatically added to your overall shipping price.

    What do I do if the artwork gets lost or is damaged during shipment?

    As the seller, you are responsible for shipping the artwork. We therefore recommend to insure the shipment and have a valid tracking code for each parcel.
    In the event that the artwork is damaged or lost during shipping, you can file a claim with the shipping company. Please note that shipping companies usually require claims to be filed within 7 days after the package was delivered.
    Please take into consideration that if the buyer reports any issues with the order, your payment may be postponed. If this occurs, we will keep you informed.

    When should I ship my artwork?

    In case of order, you will be notified by email. You will then be requested to ship the artwork within 10 working days. You are obliged to always deliver the artwork once the buyer has paid for it.
    Please remember to change the shipping status of the artwork to 'Yes' and update the Track & Trace code on the order sheet otherwise your payment for the artwork will not be processed. If you cannot proceed with the shipment within 10 working days, please inform us info@fumogallery.com. By doing so, we can prevent the buyer from opening a claim.

    What makes selling through Fumogallery so safe and secure?

    When a seller doesn’t fulfil their obligation to deliver, the buyer should inform us within 10 days after paying the purchase price so Fumogallery can open a claim. When a claim is opened, the purchase price will be with held so the buyer and seller can come to an agreement amongst themselves. Fumogallery can mediate the process.

    I've lost my password and can't sign in. What can I do?

    You can request a new password easily by using the 'forgotten your password' link on the sign in page. You'll be sent an email with a link to the password creation page.

    Where can I adjust my personal information?

    To adjust your details, please sign in to your account.
    Click on your Profile at the left corner of our website.
    In Profile’:
    you can change your email address, password and any personal preferences for your account.
    In ‘Addresses’:
    you are able to update your shipping address. 

    How do I register as a seller?

    To register on Fumogallery, you can click on Login at the top right corner of our website. You can also register via Facebook and then create an account. To create an account, you will need an email address and a password.
    Create an account is free. 
    Your password needs to consist of between 6 to 15 characters. When you have finished signing up, you will receive a confirmation email. 
    By clicking on the link in the email, you will confirm your registration and pay and activate your account.

    When will I receive payment for my sold artwork?

    When the buyer's payment has been received, you will be notified that you have 10 working days to send the order.
    Your payments are scheduled based on whether or not the order has been shipped oIf the order has been shipped:
    After you've shipped the order, you are required to change the order status to "Shipping Status Yes"'. When the tracking number provided reflects that the order has been delivered, the buyer will receive a notification asking them to inspect the order and report any issues within 3 days. On the 4th day after delivery, your payment will be scheduled after 15 days.
    Please note that in the event that the tracking number provided is not correct or does not properly reflect the delivery of the order, the pending payment will be suspended.
    Please note that payments are only processed on working days and do not happen during the weekend.
    If a claim has been opened, your payment may be withheld until the issue has been solved. We are here to help mediate if necessary.

    I have not received payment for certain artworks I've sold. Why is this?

    Payments may be temporarily withheld when a buyer reports a problem with their artwork. In such cases, a claim is opened. Before you, as the seller, can receive payment, the claim must be resolved.
    For example, a buyer may report that their artwork was not delivered. Additionally, we are only able to pay you after the status of your artwork has been changed to 'shipping status yes'.

    The buyer wants to cancel his purchase. Are they allowed to do that?

    If you are a professional seller and the buyer is a consumer, the buyer is allowed to cancel their purchase without explanation up to 14 days after receiving the artwork.
    If the buyer cannot use their right of with drawal, they can only cancel their purchase after a legitimate complaint has been filed for which the seller is responsible:
    the buyer didn’t receive the artwork, it’s damaged, or the artwork does not correspond to its description. The buyer will have to make a claim.
    Fumogallery will hold into the payment so the buyer and seller can solve the claim among themselves. If the buyer and seller can’t reach a solution, Fumogallery will temporarily suspend the payment to the seller and, based on the Terms and Conditions, decide what to do with the payment.

    The buyer has invoked his right to withdraw under EU Consumer Law, and wishes to return the artwork within the allotted two weeks. What should I do?

    All sales are binding. Buyers are required to purchase any artwork if the seller is a private user.
    If the seller is a professional seller, and the buyer is a consumer residing within the EU, the buyer is allowed to cancel the purchase agreement without explanation within 14 days after receiving the artwork, provided that the nature of the artwork allows such cancellation. If the buyer wishes to withdraw from the agreement, must contact us.
    If an artworks is returned under these circumstances, the buyer is required to pay the shipping costs. The buyer will be liable for any decrease in value of the artwork that is caused by unnecessary handling of the artwork.

    What are the commission fees for sellers?

    Seller commission is 35% of the sale price.

    EU VAT regulations for selling on Fumogallery

    If you sell artworks in any EU country, it’s likely you’ll need to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) in each country you sell in. VAT is a tax that VAT-registered traders in the EU add to the price of the goods they sell. They transfer the VAT to the national tax authorities when they file their tax returns. If you’re selling on Fumogallery, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re VAT-compliant. We may take action against your account(s) if we believe you aren’t complying with the relevant rules.We recommend reading this page carefully if you’re interested in selling with us. This information is purely informative and is not legal or tax advice.
    Failure to comply with applicable VAT rulesIf you’re selling on Fumogallery and you don’t comply with your VAT obligations, and/or fail to provide us with your company information and/or a valid and correct national VAT number, we may take action against your account(s). This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Restricting selling
    • Suspending or terminating your account(s)
    We may also prevent you from selling on our online marketplace if we have sufficient reason to believe you aren’t complying with the relevant VAT rules. If local tax authorities ask for information about your account(s), we are legally obliged to provide it.

    Why do I have to send my VAT information to Fumogallery?

    As an online marketplace, we are obligated to collect tax-related information from each seller who is affected by the national VAT law.

    When will I be affected by VAT rules?

    All sellers, both professional and private, need to pay VAT.  If you store, move, or sell goods in multiple EU countries, you might need to register for VAT in multiple countries.

    Do I need a VAT registration number to sell artworks via the Fumogallery platform?

    No. Both professional sellers and private sellers can sell artworks via the Fumgallery platform. In general, if you sell artworks  in connection with your trade or business you are required to register for VAT purposes. Some countries apply exemptions or relief for small entrepreneurs. Please check with your tax advisor which rules apply to you. Sellers are always responsible for their own tax and legal position.

    How do I know if I, as a seller, have to pay VAT on the sale of my artwork?

    If you are a professional seller, you will need to determine the VAT treatment of your sales yourself. Unfortunately, VAT rules are too complex for Fumogallery to determine the VAT treatment of every sale. If you need help in determining the VAT treatment of your sales, please consult a tax adviser.

    As a seller, will I receive a receipt for each artwork I sell?

    If you are a private or professional seller based in the EU and outside the EU, you will receive a commission invoice of the 15% seller commission.