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    Giuseppe Gradella

    GUARDAMI. Io sono Mantova

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    Caravan SetUp

    9 artists and 16 artworks around the city of Mantua. The expressive codes of Poster Art and Renaissance “Enterprises” overlap in the new project curated by Caravan SetUp for the city of Mantua: a game of references that causes creative short circuits between past, present and future.

    08/03/2020 - 10
    08/31/2020 - 19
    50 €

    Photography Book


    900 €

    Acrylic on Plywood


    1200 €

    Mixed Media on Canvas


    320 €

    Ceramic Sculpture


    Lorenzo Loreprod Anzini

    “I have a thirst for knowledge and set up my working method on the continuous study of any form of ...

    Viölett Gas Sculpture by Blume Labo

    Viölett Gas, with its distinctive vintage purple colouring, is a line of industrial lamps sculptures& ...

    Resin Sculptures by Artist Chris Bakay

    Chris Bakay is a multidisciplinary visual artist living and working near Tampa, FL. His work is informed by past personal ...