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    Mud About You

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    MUDABOUTYOU is a Modena-based duo consisting of Italian artists Laura Turrini and Federica Poletti aptly described as ‘a designer and an artist in trouble together’. Their mantra simply follows: COOL attitude, ART inspired, MADE by HANDS. Thus, the collaboration results in the creation of a collection of unique ceramic table and dinnerware pieces where simple and clean yet imperfect shapes are combined with colour splashes and unexpected textures. Each ceramic piece is handcrafted and carefully hand-painted. Every work can be used to build an unconventional table and dinnerware set or collected individually as an art piece. Explained in their Laura and Federica’s own words: all that can happen when a designer and an artist share the same room //// the gesture that expresses itself on the canvas while leaving a mark. contamination in order to create a unique object. works and experiences mixed up. An unexpected shape. passing of matter.