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    Marcela Morales

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    A great contemporary sculptor, Marcela Morales Hinojosa is a self-taught artist who is capable of elevate the most common sculpture materials to the highest conceptual levels, bringing her feelings into reality through an innovative and unexpected use of sculptural means. Let her speak about herself.“Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1972.
    Living and working in Guadajalara, Mexico. Graduated on Diplomacy and International Relations to finally discover, years later, that it should have been art all along. That realization came from the need of having those gone, close to me. The idea that they would never come back, brought me to transforming their things into pieces that would lay around the house, instead of inside a drawer. Pieces of fabric, books, small objects, photos, souvenirs all came together to become something else.
    Then the fantasy became reality and some imaginary characters started to emerge. A self taught maker of things.